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Did a Man Lead You to Me?

Hello Beautiful, In my latest YouTube video, Get Feminine Now! Chatty Vlog with Me, Adrienne Everheart, I share my proven tips & tools on how to feel more feminine. QUALITY Men are naturally drawn to soft, warm feminine energy. We all love how warmth feels and when you reawaken and activate this natural super power… Read More

He Needs to Hear this to Claim You

Hello Beautiful, In my newest YouTube video I launched this week, Get What You Want From Him, Law of Attraction meets Feminine Energy, I shared some impactful law of attraction and natural feminine energy techniques to get what it is you REALLY want. GIRLS, DO NOT MISS THIS! We go over calling forth the man of… Read More

Attract Your Forever Man With Changes in the Bedroom

I wasn’t always a believer… In my latest YouTube video, Feminine Energy for Your House & Home, I shared some powerful tips to call forth your man or repair your relationship using the natural energy within your home and body. I must admit, I was skeptical when the art of feng shui was first suggested… Read More

From Heartbreak & Hot /Cold Men to Happily Married

More than once, I’ve stood at the corner of heartbroken & shattered. Then one day, I discovered Feminine Energy… My relationship journey is one you can learn from! You can move beyond heartbreak & toxic relationship cycles to create the loving relationship you desire. Thankfully I pieced together what Feminine Energy meant and how to… Read More

I Was In Love with a Man From My Past

I was in love with the man I fell hard for during the first year of the relationship. All the same guy, but not really. How Can You Turn Back Time? Hi Everyone,There is something you should know about me. Since I am your Love and Relationship Coach, I might appear perfect, or that I have… Read More

When Men (Abruptly) Talk Sex

Feeling a Loss For Words I felt shocked, disturbed, scared and sad. That’s what I remember feeling the first time I received an unwanted dick pic from a man that I otherwise enjoyed chatting with and getting to know. When it comes to sexual texts, a dick pic is really the tip of the iceberg… Read More

Get OUT of His Head

His problems: his divorce, his sex issues, his job loss, his psychology, his ex problems, his kids taking up all his time, his job keeping him too busy, his money issues, his house is an hour from yours, his ex keeps calling, his divorce really messed him up, he is spooked easily, he is emotional,… Read More

What Makes a Man Commit to You For Life?

Hello Beautiful, I hear the following each week in my Private Coaching practice, on Youtube Video comments and in my FREE group, iHeartLoveAcademy: I DON’T WANT TO QUANTUM DATE. I DON’T LIKE DATING. WHERE IS MY RELATIONSHIP GOING? WHAT CAN I DO TO GET HIM TO LEAN FORWARD? WHAT CAN I DO TO GET HIM TO COMMIT? HOW DO I TIE… Read More

How to Make Him Crazy in Love & Chasing You [VIDEO]

Your Feelings + Your Words Hi there Gorgeous, We often think of men as sexual creatures who are in pursuit of one thing. Some of us erroneously believe hot sex will make a man fall in love with you and want to keep you. Or that being the perfect girlfriend with a smile on her… Read More

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