How Your Thinking Sabotages Love

Dear Diamond Girl,

As we continue onward in the pandemic and persevere (or perish), I invariably see proof that my thoughts create my reality.

I’m amazed how a shift in my thinking can transform ‘end of the world’ feelings in a flash.

While putting away some plastic recycling, I was struck with the guilt and helplessness we all must feel when desiring something as simple as berries. Everything comes encased in plastic, it seems. I feel as doomed as the planet and oceans themselves.

Then my phone rings and I see a long time friend’s name pop up. I am suddenly feeling elated, my heart singing with joy. I answer the call and I’m transported to happier times.

Yet nothing in my reality changed other than my thinking. Plastic is still sitting there but I’m in a new frame of mind and it is this positive state in which great change can occur, no matter the obstacle, be it a troubled marriage or so-called recyclables.

In my newest YouTube video, Stop Sabotaging Your Relationship with Masculine Energy Thinking, I share my ONNE technique for observing and shifting the power of your thoughts. The power to choose one’s thoughts is always available, no matter the circumstances.

This is not about the power of positive thinking.  

I tell you step-by-step how masculine energy thinking is AUTOMATIC and usually NEGATIVE, as it’s typically survival based. This means as women, we are fixed on the survival of the group and often our Inner Boy steps up to lead.

This is in our DNA, to be in charge of survival at an intellectual level, and while much of it is outdated programming, women are the more careful of the sexes. The man may answer the odd doorbell ring at 3am but the woman will have ‘911’ on speed dial.

Women can easily exhaust themselves with an ‘in charge of it all’ attitude and with that, we may believe our every thought, as if our lives depended upon it.

#DiamondGirls, it’s time to get out of your mind and into your body and Observe, Name, Notice and Embrace your Emotions. I can’t wait to share my ONNE technique with you! Click below to watch.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section of the video.

For the first few days, I will answer each question personally, so now is the time to post your query or concern.

Feminine Energy is demystified when we stop to observe how we feel in the body.

We can access our super power, which is sharing the soft warm spirits we are, by first becoming aware of how Masculine Thought is running automatically, thanks to years and years of survival-based brain function.

You now have a highly evolved prefrontal cortex, not just animal brain on autopilot. You, dear #DiamondGirl, are in charge of your mind and your life.

How amazingly powerful does that feel?

“500 Ways to Talk to a Man” & the 2-Day video class is the perfect prerequisite to exploring your powerful Feminine Energy.

Sending you much love today and always,

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