Get the Affection and Attention You Seek From Your Man

Dear Diamond Girl, 

Maybe you can relate… 

I have personally spent countless hours of my life trying to get a man (or anyone else) to do or say the thing that I need most. 

This is especially troubling when you’re being ignored and pushed away instead of the person caring about you, listening and helping.  We all have a preset expectation of how a person should or should not respond.

Yet the more you want to fix things, the more the man drifts away. 

I personally would feel tremendous anxiety when caught in this push-pull struggle. I’d walk on eggshells to be perfect then other times erupt into rage. 

Why can’t we just talk about it, let a man know what we feel, and have him just do it?! Why do men retreat to the cave instead of hear us and meet our needs? 

As women in our masculine energy, we can get stuck in analysis & control instead of discovering how we FEEL.

So often we get fixated on trying to diagnose the situation or focusing on what his love language is, what our attachment style is, and so on… Wouldn’t it feel so GOOD to not worry about any of that?

In my latest video, NO Love Languages & Attachment Styles & His Heart Will Follow, I share the secret to activating the changes you want in your relationship with FEMININE ENERGY.

My latest video is full of scripts and real-life examples where you can activate your man’s Masculine Energy.

I share how I do this in my marriage every day.

I share some NEW techniques that I’ve NEVER talked about before! STAY TO THE END!

You don’t miss this video ladies!

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Activate your high-value feminine energy. Gain life-changing habits & protocols that upgrade how you think, feel & respond to relationships.

It is so easy to fixate on what the man ISN’T doing. Meanwhile, he may be doing so many small things that he really does not need to do. You want to BUILD UPON THE GOOD!

In my latest video I share how to authentically express how it feels without laying it on thick or sounding inauthentic. Don’t miss it!

What do you say? Are you ready to TURN IT AROUND for good!?

Enjoy the video and as always please LIKE, Comment and Keep Up the Good Work!

LOVE is on your side and I’m rooting for you!


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