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Hello! I’m Adrienne Everheart, a certified dating and relationship coach & feminine energy therapist who specializes in connecting women to their authentic self and creating the loving relationship they desire.

With the encouragement and insight from my Feminine Energy Mindset Method (FEMM) tools you can become more grounded, confident and authentic so your relationships grow and thrive.

I’ve discovered the key to making love last. No matter if you are learning how to date again, are broken-up, separated, pending divorce or wanting to rebuild with the man that got away, Feminine Energy can turn it all around and you can create the lasting, healthy love you desire.

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    More than once, I’ve stood at the corner of heartbroken & shattered. Then one day, I discovered Feminine Energy… There were more lessons, and more and more… I turned my life around and so can you! Do you want to learn more about your inner…
  • Why Walking Away Works: Attract and Keep Your Man in One Confident Step
    Attracting and Keeping a Man with ONE Confident Step… You are not desperate. He can be replaced… Here’s the flip-side… How can you walk away from a man that you love more than yourself? You Can Become The Great Love of His Life! Instead of…
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    I was in love with the man I fell hard for during the first year of the relationship. All the same guy, but not really. How Can You Turn Back Time? All I Wanted Was the “OLD” Him BACK! It Was As If He Wanted…
Featured Adrienne Everheart Relationship Courses


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