5 Ways to Feel More Connected to Inner Girl – new video!

Hello Beautiful,

What a year it’s been! If you’re anything like me, in 2019 I made new year resolutions and looked toward the future with hope and happiness. The Universe laughed!

The result of 2020 has been many (ultimately positive) eye-opening events that humankind cannot deny. We were forced into change globally. We saw suffering, sadness and maltreatment. We experienced perilous forces of nature – and realized how fragile we are, and how control, yet again, is just an illusion.

Many people have answered the cruelty of both nature and man with change that has accelerated our planet, raised our awareness and forever altered how we will think and feel. Yay humans! We are doing some things right.

I also found it remarkable how people have adapted to the threat of a virus. It’s much like how humans live, as if death does not exist. We mask up, wash up and offer distance to postpone what is coming for us all. And yet, we smile and carry on.

The resiliency of the human spirit is awe inspiring. How do we do it? Is it faith that pulls us through? Is it our relationship with God? Other people? Or are the other available choices not as appealing, so we take the most hopeful route? What is your ‘why?’

More than ever, humans are experiencing the real time awareness of the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE THEIR THOUGHTS.

In every moment you are making a choice. Realize the great power you have in these moments of freedom. To choose your thoughts and hopefully, if truly free, you can choose your actions too. Be good and do good. 🙂

In my most recent video, I was inspired by flipping through a catalog while I ate breakfast. I don’t like to eat breakfast. I have little appetite in the morning and I rather sip decaf coffee till noon then have lunch.

Due to a medication change for my autoimmune illness, I need to eat a meal with my AM & PM dose. If I don’t eat enough, I will get sick to my stomach. And by ‘sick to my stomach’ I mean puke my brains out all night and day.

Poor me.

I get to eat breakfast and take medications that allow me to live a healthy life. You see how a shift in thinking changes everything? I am so fortunate to have food and medication. I am so blessed to have life. I am beyond blessed to have shelter and free time to browse a catalog. Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe!

We are all just a few thoughts away from a better life. As you may know, my ‘better life’ included being healed from agoraphobia, troubled relationships and calling forth a loving partner and marriage. My career has soared as well, all due to realizing, activating and practicing my FEMININE ENERGY.

In this video I give you solid tips on how you can practice being in your Feminine Energy and feel connected to your Girl Body on this slightly tilted and spinning earth.

Want to use the power of your thoughts to create a loving relationship & happier YOU?

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Thank you for supporting my work this year. I am honored to be part of your life.

I wish you happiness, health and expanding love!

I trust everything is unfolding as it should.

May you be surrounded by love and enfolded in kindness always.

Much love to you,


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