FEMM Feminine Energy For Dating and Marriage


Feminine Energy Mindset Method for Dating & Relationships

Change the way you think about yourself to enhance your dating experience and improve your marriage.

When you revere yourself as a high quality feminine woman and no longer react from a masculine mindset, men will find you irresistible – that is the power of FEMM tools. What is the FEMM mindset? For dating, FEMM Tools guides you from the very first hello to commitment. You learn how to set a warm & impressive tone so you attract and keep the quality man you desire. FEMM for marriage & relationships recharges your vibe, reawakens attraction and sets the mood for connection, cuddles & love.

FEMM For Your Life


for Dating


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  • 4-hour video class or audio
  • Full VIP Library
  • +BONUS Everheart FEMM Dating Process flowchart

The Ultimate Guide for Feminine Energy Dating

Learn to date like a confident Goddess atop her pedestal!

Get the Feminine Energy Glow You’ve Been Longing For

  • Stand out on dating apps with FEMM Powered PHOTOS & PROFILE.
  • Present yourself as a HIGH VALUE woman from the very first exchange with a man.
  • Learn how to create meaningful conversation that ties up a man’s heart.
  • Attract QUALITY MEN and dispel losers and time wasters.
  • Includes: “Sex, Sex, Sex” ebook, Dating Tracker, Over-Investment & Wounded Child ebooks and More in the FULL VIP Library.


For Marriage & Relationships


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  • 3.5-hour class video or audio
  • Moving Up the Tiers Communication Handout
  • +Full VIP Library

Reinvent Yourself as a Highly Desirable Woman in Your Relationship

Learn the Secrets to Staying Happy & Healthy Together, Into the Sunset.

Give Your Relationship the Feminine Charge You’ve Been Longing For

  • Keep Attraction Flowing and Fall in Love All Over Again.
  • Discover Your Deepest Desire & Longing for Your Relationship.
  • Hit the Reset Button on Boundaries & Attraction.
  • End Non-Productive Communication, Jabs and Bickering.
  • And so much more!


For the Diamond Girl


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  • For all #Diamondgirls who desire an expanded knowledge plus my ‘Diamond Girl Guide’ ebook primer.
  • 3 Classes are devoted to a Deep Dive in Feminine Energy Tools, kicking off with Powerful Meditation and a slow burn study of each vital tool, plus Q&A.
  • You also get 2 days of video classes solely for Q&A intensives. Put yourself in each woman’s shoes as they ask questions.
  • Topics include marriage & relationships, LDRs, dating, commitment and rebuilding lost love.
  • Feminine Energy Communication ebook, ‘Diamond Girl Guide’ ebook primer & full VIP Library included.


Go Deeper With FEMM Diamond & Unlock Your Feminine Energy

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to warmly speak to a man with your natural FEMM ENERGY. No matter the emotional triggers.
  • Magnetize and pull a man towards you with your Feminine Power using FEMM Tools.
  • Allow a man to see you as a Goddess on a Pedestal & feel a STRONG desire to protect and claim you.
  • Learn to speak in simpler yet natural ways that invite him into your heart so he falls in LOVE with you.
  • How to let your sensitivity, spirituality and compassion shine without DOING or GIVING to the man.
  • How to date your man (married or dating) even with kids, stress, job & schedule demands.
  • In class we discuss finances, sex and loyalty.
  • You’ll learn specific solutions and remedies so you can navigate your way to a calm, cool and relaxed FEMM vibe.
  • Understand why accepting arrows from ALL MEN is integral to your relationship success!
  • Understand how to harness your powerful feminine energy when you feel out of control and INNER BOY wants to take over. No more doing things you’ll say or regret.
  • End useless/non-productive texting and communication.
  • Advance to Diamond Girl status and be seen as a high quality woman.
  • You’ll understand how your MINDSET impacts the Man’s Energy & How to positively change up your vibe.
  • Learn how to receive and feel your most relaxed when men pursue you.
  • Learn how to keep attraction and affection ongoing and STEAMY HOT!
  • Avoid common mistakes that repel a man and instead captivate his interest and heart.
  • Discover the hidden reason you sabotage your relationships, friendship and even family ties.
  • This class will include BONUS affirmations, audios, and PDFs as well!

please note: All digital downloads are non-refundable.

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