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When we align ourselves with what we DO want, and with what FEELS GOOD, we draw those things toward us. It’s that simple, and I can show you techniques that work.

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How to Begin Manifesting Your Dream Guy or Improved Relationship

I’m a big fan of rituals. I believe repetition, a positive approach & attitude are extremely powerful for manifesting your heart’s desires, especially when designated for good. 

For example: If you desire a loving partner, marriage and a forever-man, PLENTY of GOOD, WARM ZEAL & PASSION is on your side.

Do you know that LOVE, GOD & THE UNIVERSE want you to succeed? YES.YES.YES.

Take that in for a moment. Nothing is ‘against’ you unless you say so. So let us speak what it is we do desire, beyond words and into the realm of the Feminine FEELING Body.

The Universe wants you to have whatever it is that makes you happy… including ol’ what’s-his-face who hasn’t called or texted in weeks. 🙄 The Universe does not judge.

This includes a husband who has lost interest, an ex who has left the relationship or a man that is yet to be seen. I get you CLEAR on the man you do desire and call forth those qualities in your current guy or a future man.

WARNING: If an absent man who’s fickle about you is who you crave, the Universe delivers.  I’ve been there, too. For the longest time, I could not figure out why my relationships were not working out. I went through three painful breakups with the man who is now my husband, Jeff. I manifested my marriage, woodland wedding and we are now oh-so-happily-married.

The reason I was NOT manifesting was: while we were apart, I pinned for the man who had tossed my feelings aside. I wanted the aloof, sabotaging meanie I had parted ways with. Manifesting this man will only bring you more of the SAME.


IN YOUR MINDS EYE: You’ve got to put that undesirable man in front of you and see him as he truly is, be that abusive, rude, dysfunctional, avoidant, insecure or unsure. Whatever those unwanted traits are – they do not serve a loving long-lasting relationship. Correct?

As he stands in front of you (in imagination only) say to him: I love you deeply. Yet as you are now, you are NOT my dream relationship. Then turn your back on him. FEEL YOUR POWER SURGE. Repeat as often as needed. We need you clear on what you DO want! DIAMONDGIRL #FEMININEENERGY

So… let’s continue to get you in alignment with your desires and on track for the love you’re yearning for THAT FEELS LOVELY & delivers in a way that serves your higher good. 

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Your Desires = Yearnings-Lack+Feeling Good/Repetition

It is so easy to sink into negative thinking. If you fight with these negative thoughts, they continue to grow. I want you to accept these thoughts, and insert them into your positive manifestations. Begin to visualize what it is you do want, and how it feels.

In my latest video I share powerful manifesting tools specific to reconnecting with a man after distance or a separation such as a break up or hot/cold behavior. You can also learn how to reconnect in the ABCs to Get Him Back.

Re-Attract Your Man or Call Forth the Man You’re Meant to Be With

What do you say? Are you ready to TURN IT AROUND for good!?

Enjoy the video and as always please LIKE, Comment and Keep Up the Good Work!

LOVE is on your side and I’m rooting for you!


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