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Your Relationship Can Be Saved & Feel Wonderful Again!

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Here’s My Story, and How it Can Help You

In my 30s, I thought I had all the tools to make a lasting marriage with my first husband.

We loved one another dearly; he was a High Value man. Yet despite countless therapists and self-help books, we seemed to only grow further apart.

After couples counseling we seemed to argue only more. We loved one another deeply, yet exhausted we collapsed into each other’s arms and tearfully decided to file for separation.

While separated, a new man, let’s call him, “the Artist,” swept me off my feet and LOVE BOMBED me.

I felt at last I had found true love! He talked of marriage, was by my side constantly and gave me endless affection. My hard-working husband never had time for me. Yet I was so ‘loved starved’ I could not see what was happening to me.

I was losing myself into the Artist’s life. All my time and energy was on him, not me.

Sometimes I grieved my lost marriage and the artist would only shame me and threaten to leave. A few times he disappeared on me for 2 weeks after a small argument. He would shut down and not answer my calls or texts. I would become frantic and depressed, blaming myself and scraping up any ‘crumb’ of affection he tossed my way.

So often for women this is the case. We lose a High Value man because we are challenging him with our Masculine Energy. Instead of being in our body, trusting and allowing ourselves to be the girl your man once fell in love with, we power struggle.

When a woman is in Masculine Energy, she focuses on mistakes more than successes. She criticizes her man, advices him and becomes the Alpha in the relationship. We forget how to be a girl, warm, soft and focused on what is working and how this makes us feel.

These Feminine Energy qualities have always been with you, yet to survive many women live in their Boy Energy, despite outward appearances. No amount of clothes, shoes or lovely hair can camouflage activated Masculine Energy in a woman.

Other times a woman may be frozen in fear of abandonment in that she becomes a doormat. She can’t speak her boundaries and endures drama and ill-treatment instead of harnessing her Powerful Dynamite Feminine Energy.

In all of these scenarios, Feminine Energy is the answer. It is an awakening and a practice.

I encourage you begin with my free eBook download. You may also enjoy my Youtube channel or Instagram page.

When you are ready to GO DEEPER, I recommend “500 Ways to Talk to a Man,” eBook and 2-Day Video Class as a prerequisite for anyone wanting to learn more. I also have many specific self-study programs, such as my PROVEN, ABCs to Get Him Back.

I’m honored to share my journey of how I reclaimed my inner girl. Looking back I was so tough on the outside yet crumbling on the inside. It feels so wonderful to be honest, authentic and anxiety free in my relationship.

I’ve learned that those vulnerable feelings we tend to keep stuffed inside is what truly call forth the man’s heart.

I’m happily married to a wonderful masculine energy man who pursues & nurtures my inner girl. I have his heart all tied up, and this is what I want for you! To have your man’s heart all tied up with no doubts. To feel feminine, centered and calm in your relationship.

It is truly wonderful to be a girl!

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All in Love,

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