Ghosted, Bread Crumbed & Ignored?

How men cope with their feelings about women & life.

Dear Diamond Girls,

I’m excited to share this newsletter with you because it contains tips that will truly advance your Feminine Energy to the next level.

Masculine Energy in our bodies can have us feeling confident that we are so-very-RIGHT about a situation or action, only to later have the awareness of our Feminine Self enlightened. Keep reading to learn more – I offer links on each subject for you.

Women can forget their power in a relationship.

Men desire sex and female companionship. What you’ve got is what he needs.

A man wants to feel like a MAN: Strong, Protective, Fixing, Solving and Appreciated.

Men want to feel important and that they are providing and caring for a woman and offspring/dependents, be that children, in-laws or family pets.

Men secretly LOVE IT when you fall asleep in the car as they drive. They are your ultimate protector!

So why do men ghost, breadcrumb and ignore quality women?

  1. Know the difference between these terms. Ghosting is a total disappearing act: the man is GONE & does not return. A bread-crumber flakes off crumbs of affection/time here and there, spanning months to years, all to keep you hanging on, starving for their crumbs. A man who ignores will seem ‘Hot & Cold.’ He’s totally into you until something goes wrong, then he’s off to the cave mentally or physically. He ignores your texts and pretends you are invisible in the house.
  2. Some men are not ready for the responsibility of being the provider/protector to one woman.   NO amount of Feminine Energy will get them activated EXCEPT walking away. When you turn your back on a man with love and grace, you elicit his chase response. This is not a way to maintain a relationship. However, it is a one time method to wake a man up to what he is losing. Be careful with this one: Read more about that here!
  3. A man treats a woman as badly as she allows. If you allow a man to treat you a certain way that infringes upon your boundaries, he will continue to do so. Know the difference between preferences and boundaries! Read more on that here!
  4. Men ignore a woman because they are coping with whatever is going on the best they can, which is often like a 5-year-old. Ignoring a person can be a type of punishment. Being in a committed relationship means communicating, not abandoning one another. Abandonment is not sustainable — it is emotional abuse. I strongly encourage you to not become a victim of this type of abuse and end the cycle with a FIRM boundary or walking away.
  5. Men can also ignore because they are all ‘talked out’ and cannot handle more words. They are completely fatigued by conversation. This is when a man needs space and time to MISS YOU in order to solve the issue at hand. This can be a few hours or 1-2 days, but not WEEKS. A period of not speaking should NOT be happening every time you two experience a disagreement.
  6. If a man has lost interest he will begin to pull away or ignore advances. In all of these cases you need to know what your personal boundaries are and how you desire a relationship to function. You should not have to prove to someone how amazing and loveable you are.

Some Feminine Energy tips I encourage:

Offering loving silence. Men need a break from words and communicating.

Do some internal work for you. Ask yourself: why am I saying this or doing that, what am I hoping he will do?

If you are seeking an outcome or wanting the man to DO something, offer loving space and give yourself solutions that make you feel good right now. Go for a long walk, take a bubble bath or decide to cook a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try.

A man can sense your energy is pulled off of him, and he will get curious about you once again.

Men need time and space to ‘figure things out’ and miss you. You can employ this every single day by making sure you have your own rich, full and juicy life.

Keep in mind GRACE & LOVE are part of your Feminine Energy communication, not spitefulness or bitterness.

Ask: What are my intentions? How can I love myself right now? What is the outcome I am seeking? Am I being selfish or is this healthy?

No person is going to give their partner the patience and reaction we always need or desire!

We have to ‘ride the wave’ and keep our head up above the water line. Before you know it, the wave has passed and you two are sunning on the beach…or you’ve found a new fish in the sea. 🙂

REMEMBER: A man & relationship is an opportunity to learn and grow. Reflect on what you are learning with every man or situation. This is how you move up the tiers of Feminine Energy.

LEARN & MOVE ON: Ask yourself what happened, why did it happen, and what did I learn?

Here’s my latest video on this topic:

Sending you much love today & always,

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