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Tech Support Guide – please find your issues below for a fast solution!

+I purchased a long time ago, how do I log into the NEW website? If you’ve never logged into the NEW website, visit: https://everheartcoaching.com/welcome-to-the-new-site/  Use your PayPal purchase email address to access your account, and set up a new password. (Important: please try any email addresses you may have used in the past.)

+My bank charged me twice. Occasionally, a ‘pending’ transaction may appear twice, looking like a double purchase. Please allow 1-3 days for bank processing, then check back with us.

+I purchased, but my item isn’t there. Please check with your bank that the transaction was successful and is not ‘pending.’ Outside the US, it may take 2-4 days for purchases to be approved. Next, try clearing all cache/cookies/history and login to another browser window such as Safari. (See also: I don’t know what email address to login with.)

+ I made a duplicate purchase. This may be a ‘pending’ charge. Please allow 1-3 days for your bank to process. Otherwise, please send your full name, purchase date and item name to cancel and refund the duplicate. Please allow us 3 days to process and kindly do not file a PayPal dispute or this will slow the process.

+ I’m being asked to purchase again -or- my items are missing. Please first try logging into your account on another browser. (For example, if you use Firefox, try logging in on Safari.) If this works, you need to clear cache/history/cookies on your preferred browser.

+I didn’t get an email receipt when I purchased -or- I don’t know what email to login with.  Please check spam, trash, ‘all mail,’ and confirm your email address is correct. Hotmail & Yahoo may automatically delete incoming email. Check trash. Next, did you happen to use an email address associated with your PayPal account? This could be a business email, or out-dated email address. Please check that email address for login instructions.

+If you still need help, contact [email protected] and include your name, any possible email addresses used, item name, and date of purchase. Note: it may take 1-3 business days for a reply.

+ Reset password issues: Visit our login page  https://everheartcoaching.com/my-account/ Click on “Lost Your Password?”  Allow 10-minutes to receive your new password reset link.

+ I want the Everheart Complete Collection, but I’ve already purchased some items. Is there a discount? We’re happy you want to learn more! Most have purchased a few programs already, yet the CC is still a great savings. We cannot offer partial refunds on already purchased items, but we encourage adding up the savings and seeing if the Complete Collection is a good value for you.

+ I can’t find the VIP Library. You get access to the VIP Library with any program purchase. This excludes the “500 Ways” eBook. Be certain you are in ‘Purchased Content’ section and click the PURPLE ‘VIEW’ tab. 

+ Still can’t log into the site? Please clear your browser history, cookies & cache. Make sure you are not copying and pasting your login credentials, as this sometimes adds extra spaces. Lastly, try another browser such as Safari, Firefox or Edge.

INFO WE NEED if you cannot solve the problem:

+Please reply to [email protected] with the following information: email addresses used to make the purchase, full name, item name and purchase date.

Please sign up for my free eBook/newsletter at www.everheartcoaching.com and to be notified of upcoming live classes.<3

Q: Does “500 Ways” come with the VIP Library?

The VIP Library is only available with Programs. VIP Library is not included with the eBook, “500 Ways.”

Q: How do I read the “500 Ways” eBook? Is it a PDF?

Yes, it is a PDF. Please download a FREE PDF Reader on your phone, tablet or computer. Adobe offers a free reader here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

On a computer the eBook will most likely download into your DOWNLOADS FOLDER.

On your phone, open the eBook by tapping the title.

You can read OR download and save to Adobe Reader with iPhone share icon or Android share option. (See image example below.)

Please note we do not offer tech support. We recommend you utilize GOOGLE to problem solve any issues with your device.

Example: go to Google search, type in “your device name” + issue. EX: iPhone 11 + how download and save pdf


a.) Be sure your device has a PDF reader installed (try the free ‘adobe reader’ for example).

b.) SAVE or DOWNLOAD your audio or PDFs to your cloud folder or files from a PC/Mac & also access the cloud from your phone. (Great for audios especially.)

c.) GOOGLE search your device type + issue, example: ‘iPhone + how to download audio to my cloud folder,’  or ‘how to save a PDF to my iPhone.’ www.google.com

d.) Refresh your browser or try a different browser type. TIP: Check the ‘preferences’ settings on your browser for how it handles downloads and audios.

e.) Restart your device.

f.) Most PDF readers have a MAGNIFIER icon or search bar; this allows you to search for specific terms in a document. This is best utilized in “500 Ways” eBook.

If you need more help, contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for your purchase!

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