Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships?

Dear Diamond Girl,

In my recent video, These Things Are Sabotaging Your Relationship, I share some common ways that you might be unknowingly pushing your man away and what you can do to fix it.

Maybe you tend to easily express disappointment in your man, or you show it on your face?

When a man feels like he can “never make you happy,” he feels down on himself and doesn’t feel like the man at all. Men LEAVE a relationship when they no longer feel like a man.

For example, has a man ever said to you, “I feel like I just can’t make you happy”? This is a symptom of sabotage in a relationship. One person feels unable to bring the other joy due to scrutiny or demands.

I encourage you to watch my latest video to get started. If you want to continue learning how to script, what a feeling statement really is and isn’t, and how to speak to a man so he really hears you, I encourage you to invest in my best-selling e-book, “500 Ways to Talk to a Man”, which comes with a bonus 2-day video class!

Expressing How You Feel

I teach you about Feeling Statements in “500 Ways,” and my other programs, yet often women are using feeling statements all wrong.

FS’s are not used to blame a man. Remember, expressing how you feel is about YOU, not the man, and it’s definitely NOT to get a desired outcome.

Finding your feelings and scripting takes time and practice. Everyone in your life and every moment is an opportunity to practice.

When you unzip your heart, share your vulnerabilities, reveal your true heart and focus on good, the man feels relaxed in your company. He has the opportunity to feel like a man in your presence, which feels VERY good to him!

Remember, men LOVE to have a job. Not necessarily a ‘chore’ but a job where he gets to be the man and take care of something in a way only a man can. (Make of that what you will!)

Feminine energy is slow-moving, it’s not linear, so you can expect mastering these feminine energy techniques will take time, yet you’ll begin to see results with your man FAST.

My best-selling e-book, “500 Ways to Talk to a Man”, teaches you how to find your true, genuine feelings and speak them to a man from a place of feminine energy.

Finding our feelings often means going past the first initial feeling you have – this is usually a feeling of disappointment. I encourage you go deeper past anger, disappointment and sadness. There is always a fear lurking and this is your heart speaking.

Lastly, as much as possible focus on the GOOD a man does for you. Any little thing he does to help or be kind, let him know how it feels! Something as small as handing you a napkin or putting on a clean shirt counts!

Watch my latest video to learn more about DISAPPOINTMENT and What You Can Do To Rebuild!


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