Did a Man Lead You to Me?

Hello Beautiful,

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QUALITY Men are naturally drawn to soft, warm feminine energy. We all love how warmth feels and when you reawaken and activate this natural super power in your life, men will come out of the woodwork!

This video is loaded with natural tools to get your feminine vibe up at home and in your daily life.

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There was a time in my life where I could no longer ignore my inner girl.

Despite good looks, being educated and a loving individual who steadily ‘worked’ on herself to improve – I could not keep a man. 🙁

It never failed, as soon I fell hard for a man and opened my heart to love, like magic the man would slowly disappear.

I had no idea what I was doing wrong but my relationships were full of conflict, distance & confusion.

There was no way I was going to ‘stuff down my feelings’ and pretend things were okay with a man when they were not. I’d pop off easily or sugar coat things in a way that seemed to invite dysfunction.

I somehow attracted predators to me despite being on high alert for any red flag.  I was forever vetting a man and playing mental chess.

Looking back, I glossed over things a man did or said that steamrolled my boundaries — yet would pick a man apart if I detected weakness or imperfections.

I was in essence, a hot mess. A loving, confused, and lonely hot mess.

The really sad part is that I felt MEN were the problem. I couldn’t perchance hold myself accountable. I could not ‘see’ where I was going wrong.

After all, I was very giving and went all in with my heart.  I cooked great meals and naturally was a nurturer. I wanted to help my man and give him 110%. At the same time I had a rigid list that a man needed to adhere by or I’d give him hell.

Little did I know that all these good traits were leading me right to heartbreak time and time again.


When I pieced together the powerful spirit of my inner girl, loads of psychology, gender studies, feminism, faith, healing and the yearning for a long lasting stable love — my world made a giant shift and I have never been the same again.

Rediscovering your inner feminine voice & confidence is a lot like learning to ride a bicycle.  You cannot forget it ever!

Once your eyes are opened to the greatness within, you will never be the same again. How exciting is that!?

Answer honestly: How did you get here??? How did you find me???

It was no doubt a man or related to the love of a man.  It was likely a man that treated you unfairly, yet at one time loved you deeply and dearly. Those days of deep love are difficult to forget.

Know with certainty that all that love is not lost. You are with your sister now <3

This man has led you to learning more about your inner girl and leading you to wisdom and confidence you otherwise would not discover on your own.

I invite you to continue exploring and learning with me and your sisters at iHeartLoveAcademy.

Don’t neglect your inner girl, light and love any longer.  Keep on learning and discovering with us. 

Learn to date like a confident Goddess atop her pedestal

Sending you much love and gratitude,


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