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January 23, 2016
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Attract Your Forever Man with Changes in Your Bedroom

In this blog I will show you how to attract the love of your life with the help of feng shui. I must admit, I was really skeptical when the art of feng shui was first suggested to me.

How can furniture placement possibly affect my love life?

Even though I was extremely doubtful, something about planning and prepping my home for my future man felt fun and exciting – so I jumped right in… I figured a little organizing wouldn’t hurt anything.

Yet to my surprise, it worked! My vibe shifted immediately, and things began to turn around for me quickly.

This was especially true when I removed the last of my ex-husband’s clothes from the house.

It was as if a switch flipped on, and a golden light that attracted quality men lit up around me and my home.

I was becoming a man magnet in all ways possible, including the contents of my closets.

I believe these tips will work for you too, and soon you, and your home will be MAN READY!

Even if you’ve already met the man of your dreams, these tools will help strengthen your bond, pull him closer, and keep him feeling welcomed and wanted, with space to move closer and MORE!

Here are a few testimonials to get you inspired:

I had a big, bulky bedframe left over from my failed marriage. I didn’t have room for an extra side table for my guy, and we were always hitting our shins on the frame in my tiny bedroom.  Why hadn’t I let go of this bedframe long ago? I got the courage to axe it one day, and also got him his very own bedside table.  Introducing him to his own space was a heartfelt turning point in our relationship. I’ve since let him contribute to other furniture choices I’ve made, and our bond of togetherness is really growing strong. – Stacy (San Antonio, TX)

Two of my kids insisted on sleeping with me in my bedroom, and on the chase. It had been two years after my divorce, yet men were rarely noticing me. I never thought there might be a connection somehow. I didn’t have the heart to ban my two smaller children from my room, so instead I cleared out all of their clothes and toys from my bedroom, and it became a “mommy’s things only space”. I hung some art that made me feel hopeful and inspired.  Less than two weeks later, a man I liked in my office asked me out. – Misty (Wilkesboro, NC)

How Feng shi works – Flow versus Force

You may have discovered by now that setting goals in relationships with men don’t work. The relationship unfolds on its own. Just as you cannot rush a flower to bloom by pressing its petals open, forcing growth in a relationship will also leave you with damaged petals… Feng shui techniques are risk-free, will leave you feeling good and inspired, and opens up space for love to flow… and this is a good feeling place to be if you want to attract a quality man.

Feng shui – For Your Bedroom

Photos: Remove all family photographs from your bedroom. Your bedroom is not the place for other family members past or present, this space is only about you and him.

Art Work: If you have any art or pictures that represent solitude, or a single item is posed, such as one butterfly, get it out! For years I had a famous photograph called “Missed Connection” hung in my bedroom. It showed a woman and man walking in different directions on a sidewalk, both looking very lonely… As you can imagine I removed this photo from my bedroom at lightning speed!

You want photos or art hung that depict pairs of things, or photos or art that represent love, or soft wonderful and loving feelings… Feel free to get girly and romantic and take a decorating chance.


Bedside Furniture: Ideally you want two matching bedside tables on each side of the bed. You want to make space for your man by your bed, so find a way to get him a bedside table. If the table had drawers, keep them empty for him. Don’t fill them with what you think he needs… leave them empty for him to claim if and when he wants to. (More on that below.)

Dresser Drawer: Clean out a dresser drawer in your bedroom for some of his clothes. Give him a good drawer too, not the bottom one. Line it in nice paper, make sure it is clean and imagine some of his folded clothes sitting in this drawer one day. Close the drawer, trusting the next time you open it, it will be for a man you adore to place his things.

Closet: In the best-selling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, she suggests taking every item of clothing in your home, from all drawers and closets, and dumping them in one spot and going through them one by one, making only two piles.

Marie says to keep the clothes that “inspire joy”… not clothes that may come back into style… the feeling you want to have when you look at a piece of clothing you’re keeping is JOY! So one pile is for items of joy, the other is to discard.

Once you clear out lots of old clothes from your home you will already be feeling very good and clear – go one step further by leaving your future man ample room in your closet to hang his items as well. Make sure you leave him some hangers too! Be sure he has at least one hanger for a heavy coat and a few hangers for trousers too.

Bedroom Layout: The relationship center of your bedroom is located in the far right corner of your room. So when you enter your bedroom door, the far right corner is where you want to have items of passion and love. You also want items in pairs if possible. I have a small two tiered table with heart shaped candles and a lacy frilly doily in this space. It looks and feels very feminine and warm each time I look in that direction.

I also have two beautiful paperweights that are dear to me, and when I look at them I feel a lot of love. In this space in your room put some special things that represent love and romance to you. Candles in pairs work very well here…

Lovemaking, Sleeping, and No Business: Get your computer out of your bedroom, and any other magazines about business or finance, or things that are business or work related. Many people feel a TV is a bad thing to have in your bedroom, however we live in a time of snuggling and Netflix binge watching, and I think a TV or player can have its place. You can always cover it up with a pretty scarf when not in use.

Go Shopping: Decorate your bedroom as feminine and warm as you like and give yourself permission to try a few things you normally wouldn’t. Once I decided I was going to use my bedroom space to attract and keep my dream guy, I began to shop and look at home décor stores differently.

I discovered some very feminine and cute items while perusing Home Goods, and TJ Maxx. I found items that have since become conversation pieces of love and romance with my man.

Many of the things I own now, I would have normally passed on, thinking they looked too girly or cheesy. Now I stop to notice and inspect what about an item is feminine, and if it speaks to my feminine energy or not.

Sometimes I discover an item and it opens me up, and the playful girly-girl in me happily comes out from hiding! Opening up and exploring my feminine side has been the best (and most fun) therapy I have ever received!

Guys really dig the soft and luxurious sweetness we women get to experience. A man can relax around a woman who can show him her softness and vulnerabilities. In turn he feels safe, and he will then open his heart to you… this is how you capture a man’s love and attention, and keep him there.


You might even find him curiously admiring your string of heart beads, or commenting fondly on the scent of a candle, just don’t over-do it. You don’t want to overdose on feminine looking chatchky! … Surround him in your elegant yet feminine lair and his heart will open right up for you!

Create a Man Friendly Home: I had always kept my home “guy-friendly” with a few craft beers on hand, jalapeño poppers in the freezer, and I also had a video game box (Wii/Nintendo) around for him to play with. It’s funny because my forever man has zero interest in video games, but he’s enjoyed watching me play a time or two. Before my forever guy came along, it seemed I was attracting a lot of man-child-types, so be careful with this one! It can work both ways.

Giving Him Space: When your dream man does enter your life, and you are in a committed relationship with one another, at some point you can show him the empty drawer by the bed and casually mention that this space is empty and his to use if he wants to – then just walk away, and casually go to another room or return to a chore you were doing. Rori Raye suggests that you casually mention the drawer, or closet, and don’t press the issue.

Just casually show him the space, then go on with your business… let him sit with his new space.

Treat it as if it’s no big deal, and by this time, it won’t be a big deal… You will have cleared out that drawer in anticipation of a wonderful man filling it.

You will have made your room, house, and self “guy-ready”, and when the time is right, he will fill the space you have created for him.

Remember: Nature abhors a vacuum. If you dig a hole in your yard, over time it will fill itself back up with soil. If you create space for a man, he will soon be putting his shirt in the drawer, and his watch and cuff links in the bedside table… and you will fondly remember the day you cleared all this space in anticipation of his arrival. I hope you do this task with gusto, and love in your heart!

Always in love,


Adrienne Everheart


  1. Caroline says:

    Thank you Adrienne for this inspiring article! I started moving my bedroom furniture yesterday. It was a bedroom of me as “single” before, now it is ready to welcome a man in there and to make him feel welcome! Thank you! So excited to have HIM with me soon!

  2. Zaara says:

    Only moving furniture is not quite practical.

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