Beauty & Love While House Cleaning?

Hello Beautiful,

In my latest YouTube video, I share some powerful tips for balancing Feminine and Masculine Energy when it comes to household cleaning. Here are three key things you’ll learn:

1. Release rigid rules and judgments about yourself – your worth isn’t defined by a spotless home. Life gets messy sometimes.

2. Use monotasking and short bursts of focused cleaning to make tasks more approachable. Put on your favorite music to set the mood.  

3. Negotiate chores with your partner so the workload feels fair to both of you. Your relationship should be about teamwork and quality time together.

Be sure to watch the full video for even more feminine-focused wisdom on specific cleaning tasks, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and making life easier.

I also discusses how to have important conversations with a partner around dividing household responsibilities. 

You can also listen to this video on my podcast, This Podcast is For Women.

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