Wounded or Dark Feminine Energy Healing

Mistreatment is part of your journey (video, classes & card deck)

Dear Diamond Girls,

There was a time when I resisted growth in my relationships with men. In fact, I still despise pain just like any other human.

Yet pain is part of growth, is it not? And how does one resist growth and the pain and happiness associated with the human experience?

Enter the world of Dark Feminine Energy – which is misunderstood or misused as a fast-track to avoiding growth and the human experience of pain.

My ANSWER DECK provides you with scripts, wisdom and Feminine Energy LIGHT and inspiration to help you survive and thrive through dark days and beyond!

Dark feminine energy, often misunderstood, embodies prioritizing one’s well-being and desires. Contrary to the misconception of ‘dark’ implying negativity, it’s about setting standards for life, relationships, and personal fulfillment.

The key is to embrace your “dark feminine energy” to elevating oneself beyond survival patterns and unhealthy environments, while recognizing self-worth and authenticity as the cornerstones of a fulfilling life.

Here’s where women get it wrong…

Confusion arises when dark feminine energy is mixed with manipulation, as seen in some advice advocating deceitful tactics to gain favor. (Watch my video HERE!)

This misleading portrayal doesn’t align with genuine dark feminine energy. It stems from wounded feminine aspects—unhealed wounds that perpetuate feelings of inadequacy, leading to manipulative behavior for acceptance or validation.

Dark or Light – I prefer to just call it Feminine Energy.

I offer you healthy solutions to everyday relationship issues. ❤️

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