Make Him Tingle When He Thinks of YOU

Dear Diamond Girl,

In this email, I’ve got a LOADS of updates for you, but first, how to get him all tingly for you!

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It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’ve got your man’s heart all tied up and that you have NO DOUBTS about his love and commitment.

Here’s an idea of how that feels… not to brag, but rather to get YOU in alignment with what feels GOOD in a relationship.


  • Knowing when you arrive home, your partner is there waiting for you with open arms.
  • Holding hands as you take a walk together – just because it feels natural and good.
  • Grocery shopping together and cooking wholesome meals.
  • Snuggling on the sofa and relaxing fully in one another’s presence.

Men feel all tingly when they are making a woman FEEL GOOD. Whether that’s lending a warm muscly shoulder for you to rest your head, or giving you an orgasm.

A man can actually GET ADDICTED to making you feel good.


By you receiving and essentially telling him “YOU DID GOOD!”

💎Aim for 90% of your conversations to be focused on FEEL GOOD VIBES.💎

I know that’s ambitious, but if you don’t aim for a target, you’ll miss the shot.

  • I feel so warm and safe snuggled next to you.
  • I really appreciate you remembering to lock the door last night.
  • I’m feeling happy about our afternoon plans.
  • I enjoyed shopping with you, it’s always an adventure.
  • I appreciated you attending the baby shower with me.
  • I feel like your princess when you open the door for me.
  • I feel excited to try the restaurant you suggested.
  • Oh, this feels so good!

Try these phrases out on your guy, even if you’re just dating. Practice being positive and warm; aware of when you’re receiving from a man and how much a man relishes a positive stroke.

One last word on this: don’t over-do it. Yes, I said 90% of the time to aim for positive and warm feeling statements, but dose them carefully, use only one or two statements at a time.

This work begins with YOU.

It only takes ONE of you to change the relationship. Men aren’t as into emotional or relationship self-improvement as much as women are. That’s ok, because your man will follow what feels good to you.

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