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January 22, 2014
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Writing Your Online Dating Profile – Your Heart’s Resume

Composing your online dating profile can feel as intimidating as writing your own CV or professional resume.  Instead of sharing your work history which is about facts,  your dating resume or Dating Profile is about sharing yourself and offering your heart to the cyber-dating masses.

It’s no wonder so many dating profiles come across as flaky and cliche. Sharing our true self takes confidence, courage, and honesty.

We are living in a time where truly connecting with others is a difficult feat. Technology – despite allowing us to communicate faster,  creates a seemingly impenetrable barrier.

This post will help you break through that barrier, and create an online dating profile that is both authentic and eye catching.14427897_s

Remember, plenty of people meet on dating websites who date successfully, and later become happily married. You can do the very same thing!

Follow these guidelines and as always, please let me know in the comments section how it has worked for you.


  1. Get Your Profile Noticed:

We aren’t all bikini-clad supermodels, and while a bikini shot might grab instant attention it’s not what connects a man to your heart for the long-term.

A good photo is step one to meeting your forever man. It may sounds simplistic, but please read on…

Your profile requires a recent photo of your beautiful smiling face! I suggest hiring a professional photographer if you don’t feel photogenic, or if you stiffen up around the camera.

TIP: When the camera clicks, use your eyes to say, “I’m the one you’ve been searching for.” Say this to yourself as you look into the lens.

I’ve used this method in the past and had many men say things to me such as, “I saw your photo and you were attractive, but there was something about you I just could not get out of my mind.”

You can get a friend to shoot photos of you as well on a camera phone, or DSLR camera.  Use apps such as FaceTuna or Photoshop to sharpen your eyes, or smooth “imperfections”  but don’t distort reality too much.  We’ve all been on dates where the person looked nothing like their photo – this move will get you nowhere long term. Polish your photo so it looks print ready but don’t delete all your freckles, or whiten  your teeth too much.

You will most likely find that special someone who adores all your freckles, and likes your teeth just the way they are. So-called imperfections are what make us unique and infinitely lovable.

It’s also important that you LIKE your photos – because this is where confidence and your Goddess Value begins. Your GV is all about how valuable, wonderful, and beautiful YOU feel about YOU.  This value exudes onto your partner to be.

Be proud of who you are and make sure the photos you present demonstrate your beauty.

You only need three photos of yourself on your profile.

I believe less is more.  Your privacy is important, and no one wants to see selfie after selfie. You want to appear confident not narcissistic, and avoid trying to oversell yourself.

Your photos should include a close-up of your face, smiling preferably. A full body or three-quarter shot so that your size, weight, and height are noted. Lastly, you want to have one photo of you doing an activity you enjoy – like yoga, painting, or horseback riding. (You can add a few more activity photos if privacy is not an issue.)

  1. Get Your Profile Read: This is where all the magic happens! The top three things to keep in mind are, a) Who do you want to attract? b) What interesting skills or interests do you have, and c) Why would he pick you?

Who is the man you want to attract? A Kennedy type? An auto mechanic? A professor?

Daydream here for a bit, and think of the type of man you want to be with. Visualize his profile photo, how his voice would sound on the phone, how his presence makes you feel.

Sink deep into this.

Now imagine the two of you in his car on date number five… what music is playing on the radio? What is the conversation like? Where are the two of you going?

Now back to your profile – begin to talk to him.

Write your profile as if you were speaking directly to this future man. Use the same tone, words, and details you would on your first date.

Experiment with this and read it to several “imaginary” types of men you would like to meet.

Find out what profile style feels the best to you and ask yourself if it truly speaks to the man you want to meet.

  1. What Skills or Interests do you have?

Guys are not as complicated as we think. Letting them know you like doing yoga, cooking, and gardening brings wonderful images of a loving, and soft woman to their mind. Even if you enjoy body building or carpentry, these are all qualities that will fascinate a man and he will be drawn to you because you are interesting! Be sure and share these interests in your profile.

4. Ultimately – why will he pick you?

Once you read over your profile think back to the type of man you want to attract – if he were to read your profile would it pique his interest? Will your presentation leave him wanting more? We all want someone to accept us as we are but the dating world is competitive and the decision to either swipe left and skip over you, or message you, is made in mere seconds.

Make sure you feel good about your photos and your heart’s summary.  If you’re not happy with how you have described yourself, and your profile doesn’t  contain feeling messages and a sense of your authentic self, go back to the drawing board.

It’s better to get this right and have your intentions well-defined rather than just throwing out what you have.

You want to attract your forever man now!

And there are so many possibilities out there waiting for you.  If you put in the effort now, you can begin to instantly pull quality men your way, and with some time, a few dates, and some patience you will find the man you want to walk into the sunset with.

All in Love,

A. Everheart

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