FEMM is an 8 Week Course designed to Awaken your Feminine Energy & Call Forth Powerful Love into Your Life.


If you'd like to attend next semester please us this email link or everheartcoaching@gmail.com

What if you could end the struggle and attract your Forever Man simply by AWAKENING your natural and effortless Feminine Energy?

What if Loneliness, Heartbreak & Fear were transformed into Confidence, Awareness and Softness?

What if your Feminine Radar knew how to avoid time-wasters and actually SIGNAL High-Quality Available Men?

What if your Feminine Softness was so acute and open, that every man you met fell in love with you?

What if dating & relationships felt effortless and You Attracted Quality Men EVERYWHERE in Your Life?

What if you had a new MINDSET where YOU were the ONE pursued for lasting commitment?

Ladies! Now is Our Time as Powerful Dynamite Women to step forward!

I'm so excited to teach you more...

This is about a deep desire that's telling you there's MORE to your heart, career and purpose as a woman on this planet.

I have experienced this illuminating awakening myself.

I now know the power, confidence and valuable contribution I have as an Authentic, Open, Warm and POWERFUL Feminine Energy Woman.

I believe F.E. (Feminine Energy) is Your Super Power. 

If this triggers you because it sounds silly or fuzzy,

please keep reading.

I discovered my powerful  F.E.  late in life.

I scoffed at F.E.  even being real or valuable because that was the Mindset the world believes and I was a realist.

Yet once I demasculinized myself from thoughts, behaviors and the status quo, the struggle ENDED.

Just like that LIFE GOT A LOT EASIER.

I'm not saying I have zero problems. I am still growing and learning yet doing so from a Feminine Energy Source.

For so long I had been forceful, loud, anxious and fighting my way through this life.

Once I discovered my inner power as a girl, I felt natural, authentic and comfortable. No more clawing and struggling.

In my journey I began to WAKE UP to a world where: teachings, energy, brutality, beliefs, mindset and acceptance all said one thing,

Feminine Energy is WEAK,

and that if I were to survive in the Man's World

I had to be TOUGH.

I am so thankful for the EXPANSION I have experienced

because I am meant for SO MUCH MORE

than just being labeled 'tough' or 'weak.'

I'm here to facilitate a similar transformation in your life and we're going to start with the Men & Relationships in your life.

What else could be a more feminine starting point?!

I want to awaken your Inner Power so that YOU can have the loving relationship you deeply yearn for.



Everheart Love Academy FEMM Live class includes live group calls with Adrienne Everheart each week for 8 weeks.

Classes will be recorded so you'll get to listen back to recordings of every group call.

Each week the class will focus on a Specific Module of Feminine Energy in Relationships/Dating. During each class you'll receive support customized for your current experience.

This is an excellent choice for women who desire Private 1:1 coaching as well as training and tools yet are interested in a group setting. In the group program you have support from Adrienne, as well as Guest Moderators and the PDW (powerful dynamite women) who will attend class with you.

FEMM's 8 Week Program includes a 24/7 PRIVATE support group.

This is Exclusive Access to chat with your group sisters, network, swap stories and help one another.

The group is moderated by Adrienne and will include guest commentary and special bonuses.

Limited Class Size to allow time for everyone equally.

Each Class will include 1:1 Q&A as well as a review of my Man Magnet Tools, Scripting, Body Postures and Finding Your Feelings.

  • Module One: Awaken Your Feminine Power: your dreams, potential & yearnings. Special Awakening Process Included!

  • Module Two: Gifts of the Masculine & Feminine: how they support your heart's journey.

  • Module Three: Unblock Your Inner Girl: release old ways of thinking and doing with love and dating. Make friends with your inner girl. Hear her voice.

  • Module Four: Feminine Energy Shortcuts to Career & Relationship Success. Learn how each experience with a man is a gift and lesson. Move up the tiers, quantum jump your love life and career upwards!

  • Module Five: Your Feminine Intuition with men, friend or foe? Learn how to trust your gut and know who's doing the speaking.

  • Module Six: Boundaries and Radiance. Discover how your boundaries make you attractive to a man. Learn the tools for speaking eloquently and with warmth.

  • Module Seven: Create the Life & Love You Desire! Learn New Man Manifesto techniques, develop rituals for Living in the Feminine, liberate yourself from the past and CREATE your new reality.

  • Module Eight: Giving Back, Shining & Sharing: Now that you have aligned with your FE, how do you share this part of yourself at WORK, with FRIENDS, FAMILY and MEN? How do silence, words, actions, movement and desires align with your FE? You'll be discovering a NEW WAY of Speaking & Being which will affect everyone around you.

  • Are You Ready to Open Your Heart to Your Inner FEMM?


    If you'd like to attend next semester please us this email link or everheartcoaching@gmail.com



    FEMM is a small class setting, limited in size so that everyone gets customized time and attention. It also includes an Exclusive Private FB Group for chats, Q&A, sharing and swapping plus networking. Private Coaching has a higher price point due to more individualized time.

    Am I too old to learn about FEMM?

    I'm honored to coach women who range in age. My youngest has been 19 years and my eldest was age 76. No matter your age or background it is NEVER too late to learn about your feminine energy, how to practice it and how it will transform your life.

    What if I miss a class?

    Email question will be accepted 48 hours prior to class time. All classes are recorded and sent the following day.

    Can't I just learn this information free online?

    There are truly endless resources online. But you will be learning the hard way, the time consuming way, and at what cost to your life and pocketbook? To sift through hours of videos and ebooks to merely cobble this together will be exhausting and time consuming. With FEMM you will NOT have to patch together your love life. You'll have the Professional Support, Guidance and Community you have been yearning for.
    No more second guessing yourself & No more putting off your transformation.
    You'll have direct access to Adrienne, 24/7 support at the FB Group and weekly calls with LIVE q&a so you get the resources you need to experience a Powerful Transformation!