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I developed FEMM TOOLS For Dating to help you avoid narcissists & attract quality men into your life.

Hello Beautiful,

Oh boy! I set out to do one thing, which was to film a video where I share a journal entry from a long time ago, back when I was with the man known as ‘the Artist.’

Yet, the Universe opened up something else in me, the pain and regret I am still experiencing in my body from HOW I lost my first husband to the lures and cunning of ‘the Artist.’

In my upcoming video premier, I share the all purple details with you. How ‘the Artist’ urged me to pack up my husband’s things and get him out of my life, only to abandon me 3 months later.

Let this be known: My first husband saved me during a life-threatening illness. He worked hard to buy us a home, to teach me more about business, and offered me, at long last, a safe and happy home. He was completely devoted to me.

Yet he had some neglectful traits. He was always at work and regularly avoided me. His family was high maintenance, and this left very little time for just us as a family. I was in an angry phase of my life and hyper-focused on him, and felt the answer was the two of us running away to a new life in another city. I pushed him away, he avoided, and I did not have the tools I have now (feminine energy). So we failed.

My life with my now husband, Jeff, shows me in multiple ways that he is a better partner for me. There are NO regrets! Jeff is my best playmate, he is fully present and enjoys gardening, music, food and quality time with one other and our pets. I could not have manifested a better partner, TRULY!

Yet, I still have anger and pain at how ‘the Artist’ squirmed his way into my life and left me picking up the pieces and disgracing all that my first husband stood for. Ultimately, I know I made my own choices. This was and is my work to do, and I will keep you posted on my progress as always.

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How the narc ‘Artist’ bent my boundaries:

I was love starved and on LOVE EMPTY when I met ‘the Artist’, which is not where you want to start a relationship! This is why Quantum Dating is KEY to your success as a Feminine Energy Woman.

The ‘Artist’ very likely knew what he was doing when he ‘love bombed me’ and also each time he abandoned me. I was busy figuring out his psychology, I was na├»ve and desperately picking up the pieces each time trying to make ‘us’ work. I didn’t pay attention to how I felt, I only wanted results.

I cared about what other people thought. I didn’t want my neighbors or my ex to see me fail at a relationship again. Furthermore, I cared more about winning and proving to others what a catch I was, rather than focusing on how I felt being abandoned. Failure is part of finding a long-lasting love.

I really felt that with enough talking, we could solve anything. I over-estimate people. I put men (and others) into the same class of thinking/feeling as myself, and didn’t accept ‘the Artist’ for what he was. I was in love with his POTENTIAL, not who he truly was.

I was out of touch with my boundaries. I only knew how to please another person, not stand up for what I believed in.

I hope this brief list and my personal story is helpful to you. You may want to check out my full list of PROGRAMS to learn all that I have to share and teach you.

Feminine Energy has been integral in discovering what my body feels, instead of out-thinking or solving it (Masculine). I now slow down and I sit with myself. I give my body the time and patience to feel what she feels. I let go of judgments and offer love, understanding and commitment to myself.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself or anyone is simply offer them space to feel whatever it is they/you feel. We all need space to be heard and to perchance be loved, or let them pass on by.

This work begins with you, of course. I was unable to love any man until I put myself, feelings and my boundaries first. This is what I teach you how to do.

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May you learn from my mistakes,

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