Creating a Rich, Juicy, Full Life

Hello Beautiful,

You’ve probably heard me mention the benefits of ‘Creating a Rich & Juicy Life’ and how this is your fast track to being irresistible AND the absolute best way to reconnect with a man you love.

Yet, while you are adjusting to #FeminineEnergy ways of speaking & being, you may encounter loneliness or more alone time than you’re used to.

This feeling is part of creating space and is only temporary. It will pass as you authentically rebuild your life, for YOU.

Let’s understand loneliness, and how you may have lost part of yourself in the man.

When a woman is abandoned, be that by a father or a lover, it triggers feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. For many of us, we no longer feel safe, loved or desirable. This is where our Inner Boy goes into action, and he steps up to pursue the man.

Inner Boy gets activated to rescue us. He wants to get our safety, warmth and love returned to us immediately.

Masculine Energy often presents itself as feelings of urgency. Whereas the Wounded Inner Girl needs attention & time, she wants to be certain she can trust a man, and he won’t abandon her.

You can see how this combo would be just ‘too much’ for a man to endure. This is why we want to create a rich, juicy and full life for you! You pull your energy off the man, and put it into your own life.

Inner Boy wants more of a job than relationship duty. So it’s important to sit down and ask your powerful Inner Boy, “What would you like to do?”

Do this several times over the course of two weeks. Masculine energy takes a while to process things and come up with an answer. Don’t rush him.

Inner Girl will enjoy doing things that feel good to you. Write down a list of all the things you do in a week, creating two columns. One side is for things you like, the other is for things you do not enjoy.

Look at each column. How can you do more things you enjoy? And how can you find your #DiamondGirl radiance even when doing things you do not enjoy?

Creating a rich, juicy, and full life also starts with the things you used to do, before you met the man.

At one time in life, you did not need any particular man around you to feel happy and whole.

Think back to the things that used to interest you long ago.

What is it your heart is calling you to do?

What story do you tell yourself about meeting new people or trying new things?

Where do you feel your most blocked?

What would you enjoy doing if anything were possible?

What positive action can you take today?

As you think or journal on these things, don’t rush your Inner Girl to a conclusion. Let it sit for a day and revisit your notes.

Can you pick out a theme? Are there recurring feeling or words? Find one or two things you want to do and start on them immediately.  Truly, do them now!

I suggest:

Research or bookmark a website that has classes or events you wish to attend.

Mark on your calendar when you will do a particular new thing, and set a reminder.

Call or email the person or place in which there are things that interest you.

Remember, Feminine Energy is a practice. Keep up the good work!

Sending you much love,

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