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New Manifesting Class & Podcast Update

Greetings Diamond Girls,

It’s me, Adrienne, your This Podcast Is For Women hostess! My podcast is your weekly guide to creating and maintaining healthy and happy relationships and ACTIVATING your vital Feminine Energy. Have you tuned in yet?

Have you also checke dout my PRIVATE Coaching Group?

This week you get a LIVE New Man Manifesto class & Archetype handout on 1/10/23 in my private iHeartLoveAcademy Group. (You get one week free to check it out!)

Podcast wise, this week, it’s Coaches’ Chat with Helena Hart (available on 1/10/23). We talk about why you don’t need New Year’s resolutions to create great change in your life or relationships. I’m personally on a self-help hiatus! Listen to: This Podcast is For Women, on Spotify, Apple and lots of other podcast apps.

Does self-improvement leave you feeling worse? Ready to try something different?

We all know that resolutions can be a bit like vows we make to ourselves. We set them and then forget them soon after. That’s why I’m proposing a different approach – something I like to call the “Manifesto Archetype”.

Instead of setting resolutions, I’m suggesting that you take the qualities and characteristics you want to attract in your life and relationships and manifest them for yourself. (Learn more in my LIVE class this Tuesday with Coach Brandy!)

Let’s say you want to start manifesting more positive energy in your relationship. Well, instead of setting a resolution that you both need to be more positive, why not just focus on manifesting more positive energy? What do you think that looks like?

Maybe it looks like showing kindness, respect, and understanding. Maybe it looks like being mindful of your words and watching how you react in tense situations. Whatever it looks like for you, start manifesting those qualities with Feminine Energy and intentional effort and you’ll see a difference in no time. 

Gratitude has always felt a bit hokey to me, but it works.

What part of the brain does gratitude activate?

Studies have shown that hippocampus and amygdala, the two main sites regulating emotions, memory, and bodily functioning, get activated with feelings of gratitude.

So many things unintentionally alter our brain chemistry, like screen time, but you also have the power to shift your mind onto a positive track that amplifies your ability to receive more positivity.

Why not get my support, the support of a group and an additional coach?

If you’re looking for more guidance on manifestation, then this week is your lucky week!

I’m launching my brand New Man Manifesto class in my PRIVATE group iHeartLoveAcademy. The class is on 1/10/23 at 1pm PT, 4pm ET. If you miss it, don’t worry, iHeartLoveAcademy has a full library of past classes for you to binge.

In my Manifesto Archetype class, I’ll be teaching the foundations of manifestation and how you can apply the principles in real life so you attract the qualities and characteristics you desire in a man.  PLUS YOU GET A FREE MAN-IFESTING ARCHETYPE HANDOUT where you create the men you want to attract.

P.S. My Manifesting Archetype even works if you’re already partnered or in love with a specific man, and want to attract more love, cuddles, texts, dates and commitment.

So don’t miss out!

Join my private group!

Get my Coaching in a Box!

Sending you love today and always,

P.S. Would you like to coach 1:1 with me privately or in a group setting? Learn more HERE.

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