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How pursuing a man messes with your heart & mind

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Let’s talk about pursuing a man!

It can feel frustrating when you’re the one doing all the work.

When I was in my Masculine Energy I often found myself pursuing men that did not feel the same way about me. I have some advice today on why it’s best to avoid pursuing a man and subtle ways thispursuit creeps into your head.

Pursuing a man can be dangerous to your love system. This is a place where your self-esteem and heart feel secure in giving and receiving love. It messes with your heart and mind when you give to a man and he doesn’t return the love. This leaves you confused and vulnerable. Don’t allow yourself to become consumed in this emotional roller-coaster. If you discover you are doing the work in the relationship to make it work, now is the time to peel your energy off the man and reinvest that energy into your own life.

You can find someone who will pursue you and appreciate you as an equal in the relationship. Yet, if your mindset is stuck in “giving to get” or doing things to help a man, or advancing the relationship, you will attract more of that energy. Attempting to control others attracts more need for control.

When you are the one doing the pursuing, it can leave you feeling extremely frustrated with a man. This frustration is a clue that you are leaning in, pursuing and expecting the man to respond. This can lead to feeling like there’s “something wrong with you.” Instead, I want you to change up your vibe to attract the RIGHT kind of man into your life. Decide right now that you are no longer going to take the Masculine role of pursuit.

Take some time for yourself and your own goals and aspirations. Don’t let your life revolve around someone else.

Ask yourself: what am I hoping will happen by saying or doing this with a man? ❤️

This doesn’t mean you can’t show a man you love and appreciate him. You can, on occasion, plan a date or call and message him first. Pursuing is an active state of moving towards a man. Not the occasional decision to hug, kiss or call a man you love and care about. Don’t get pursuit confused with being an affectionate and loyal partner.

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We hope these podcast episodes will help you to think twice before pursuing a man. Pursuit may not be the best decision for your heart, mind, & soul. Take care and happy holidays!

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