Why Walking Away Works: Attract and Keep Your Man in One Confident Step

Attracting and Keeping a Man with ONE Confident Step…

Here’s a quick and easy answer to attracting and keeping a man…You have to be willing to walk away. This can be done MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY.

This is one of the most powerful ways to keep a man interested and attracted.  Yet this concept elicits fear in most women. We believe walking away means the man might be done for good.  Yet, I’m here to tell you that by walking away there’s a good chance he will follow you, or even begin to chase you.Understand there is much more to this than simply being aware of the freedom to walk away, versus acting on it, or flaunting it. Walking Away doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the relationship and breaking things off with your man – although giving off the vibe that you have lots and lots of options (which you do) only helps matters. Yet…

Express Your Authentic Self

This isn’t about playing games… This is about expressing your authentic self.

Having the vibe that you can “Walk Away” isn’t about making your man feel jealous that there’s another guy, or other guys are sniffing around.

A man can tell very quickly if you’re trying to make him jealous, and manipulation or playing games is not part of my coaching practice.

This is about the natural and effortless truth that a woman is capable of attracting oodles of men. This is the power of Circular Dating. (How does that work? Get my NEW MAN MANIFESTO Program Now.)

Being willing to walk away means your man will sense that you are a high quality woman, and that he is not your only option.

Why Walking Away Works
Walking away need not be forever, but it cannot be a bluff.

You are not desperate. He can be replaced…

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How To Talk To A Man

Here’s the flip-side…

In a relationship any of us, at any time can be replaced, dismissed, abandoned, and kicked to the curb. It happens to beautiful, smart, and loving women everyday…

That is why this one tool is SO IMPORTANT FOR WOMEN… I want you to have zero doubts about your man leaving. I want you to know that you have your man’s heart all tied up to yours.

Why is this so important?
Because women tend to lose themselves in the relationship.
We over-function and wear the pants for everyone in the family.
We hide our true feelings and tell lies about how we really feel, right through our smiling faces.
We push a man away when we hide our true feelings and self.
We push a man away when we behave as if he is our only option.

This is not another empty cliché…

How can you walk away from a man that you love more than yourself?

Walk Away

It is vital that you love every part of yourself – as this powerful vibe goes hand-in-hand with knowing you can “Walk Away”. When you LOVE all of you, you radiate – confidence, self-respect, happiness, and dignity… yet what about how you feel on the inside?

Most people will tell you in a quick second that they love themselves. Yet, are you really doing what you say you are?

I’m not talking mani-pedi’s… your daily gym visit…or buying yourself new shoes… although those are nice things to do for yourself.
This is about loving all parts of yourself.

Every nasty thought and bad thing you think about your beautiful, and wonderful self, you can learn to embrace instead. (In my VIP Library, you get a Nasty Voice eBook, with an Unzipped purchase or ABCs program.)

Most women I coach need a lot of help loving themselves in the beginning, especially when it comes to embracing their “nasty voice”, and worry not, I can show you how to turn this around. (Click here for more.)

You see, Loving Yourself is the fastest way to activate a man’s masculinity and demonstrative love.

He can’t love and appreciate you fully, until you do.

You Can Become The Great Love of His Life!

Connect With His Heart

In effect:  When You Connect With His Heart in a Special Way, Like No Other Woman Has, No Matter What,  He Cannot Walk Away From You. So how do you effectively change your vibe, not play games, not send the signal you’re no longer interested in him, yet create enough distance that he is inspired to pursue you?

This work begins and ends with How You Feel…
When you have the knowledge that you can Walk Away from the relationship should it become undesirable to you, this vibe gives you optimum chances for success in the relationship.

It shifts your focus from this man being your one and only option.
It changes your vibe from needy, to confident, sexy, and secure.
A man doesn’t neglect a woman he knows has many options other than him. He gets activated instead and he pursues her. This is a vibe you can carry with you for the lifetime of the relationship.

In my coaching practice, I’ve seen many bad boys clean up their act once a woman establishes this vibe.
To create this fearless vibe of Walking Away, it must be authentic and organic, and in addition to loving all of yourself (especially your thoughts!) you will want to fill your life up with things you enjoy, and put your focus onto your own life.

It’s all about You, You, You!

You will instantly become more of the woman your man fell in love with in the first place. Having your own life will give him the space required for him to pursue you.
You will activate his natural sense of curiosity about you, and soon, he will begin to pursue you and want to know more about you and your life.

*Remember curiosity gets activated when there is a gap in knowledge. When your man doesn’t know everything about you, he finds this enticing.

Instead of hiding your feelings, and putting all of your energy and thoughts into your man’s life,

I want you to find yourself, and get back into your lively spirit, from perhaps years ago…

Rediscover That Girl Inside Of You

This is often the spirit of your youth… back when you would take an impromptu weekend road trip by yourself, or dropped in on a yoga or dance class, or made a new friend while shopping in a store.

Rediscover that girl inside of you who lived for herself, the girl who always wanted to learn how to paint a picture, tile a floor, run a race, restore a piece of furniture, play the guitar, or enhance her education with college courses, or learn a new skill.

Think of all the projects and things you have always wanted to do, yet have never started or completed them. Did your relationship somehow become your focus instead?

If you can scale back on the time you are investing in your man, and invest this time into yourself, he will relax with the focus OFF of him.

Why Walking Away From Him Works

You will relax too, and this will bring your man closer and keep him interested and coming back for more, and more, and more of wonderful Y-O-U.

The relationship is guaranteed to improve because you’ll be happier no longer stuffing yourself down, and he will be at his happiest when he is in his masculine energy and given the space to pursue a confident, alluring, and interesting woman like Yourself.

Having the vibe that you can Walk Away is just ONE way you can inspire your man to be closer to you and your heart… so close that he won’t ever question turning away from you and your love.

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