When You’re Urgent For Answers

Feminine Energy Ways to Access Your Higher Self

My Answer Deck provides Instant Solutions & Advice

Dear Diamond Girls,

Masculine Energy needs answers now.

If you’ve followed me and my work you’ve probably heard me say: Boy or Masculine Energy is an URGENT energy. That means taking ACTION, NOW!

Feminine Energy is about listening, receiving and feeling – not necessarily about taking action to create a new feeling.

Ask yourself if you feel an urgency about:

  • Whether a man is ever going to come back and love you again?
  • Will this man ever change?
  • What should I do or say?
  • If a man will call again or begin to pursue you for a relationship?
  • If a man is right for you?

Whether you’ve invested thousands of dollar in psychics, tarot cards or you’ve simply lost sleep worrying about an outcome – know that EVERYONE has felt the “need to know” and struggled in limbo.

You Can Now Get the Answers You Need Sans Masculine Energy

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My Answer Deck is an Advanced Course in Feminine Energy Coaching and Advice. I created these cards after writing down all the advice I was offering my coaching clients – this wisdom is for me to share with YOU.

Get your own deck and access your Inner Girl anytime you need it!

Another way you can receive guidance is by communicating with your Higher Self. This is the part of you that is free from the ego, possessions, and specific outcomes. It’s a YOU that connects to God, Spirit, the Universe and all that is good for you.

Your higher self or spirit can’t always be felt or heard easily during times of duress, or when the mind is full of chatter, but you’ll want to begin a conversation anyway.

This part of you, when asked, knows EXACTLY what you need to be at your best.

Feminine Energy is about being in touch with your feelings, and giving your heart, body, mind and spirit a place to safely FEEL and BE LOVED just the way you are. With FE practice you can connect to your higher self whenever you need it!

How to Access Your Higher Self for Answers

  • Start your day with an intention! Just as your feet touch the ground and our body leaves the bed, declare your intention for the day.
  • Give yourself 3-5 minutes a day to sit in silence and ask yourself, “What is it I need to know?”
  • Choose an Answer Card for inspiration.
  • Get comfortable with a quiet higher self. Sometimes it takes a little practice to re-connect with yourself.
  • Be a space of love and non-judgement for yourself.
  • Remember, you are not your thoughts, love all parts of you and be curious about the process.

With time you will get a sense or feeling, perhaps even words and sentences that feel right. Higher self is usually succinct and doesn’t urge you to take action per se, but to hear yourself and find what feels right.

This video shares more on listening to your body and healing your wounded girl.

Sending you a sweet hug,

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