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Today on Instagram I posted 20+ new wedding and engagement testimonial photos of powerful dynamite women who found lasting love using my self-study programs! 🍾

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Admittedly, many women were stuck in their Masculine Energy, vetting, planning and directing a man. In Masculine mode it’s easy to be unconscious of your boundaries and difficult to express your true authentic self. When a woman feels isolated she gives love in hopes of getting love. The more you give the farther away the man drifts. This cycle must be broken to stabilize the relationship’s natural energy.

These women rose above their Masculine Energy relationship blocks, and YOU CAN TOO.

Vulnerability is a good thing.

Practicing vulnerability is a powerful way to attract the right guy, strengthen your relationship, and enhance your Feminine Energy.

When you discover and share the real YOU, minus any manipulation, you reveal the beauty of your red-beating heart. ❤️

Men cannot resist an authentic woman. My Answer Deck is a great way to look deeper into your soul and reflect on your desires and impulses. You can challenge Masculine Energy and enhance your attractive Feminine Energy with every card. You can problem solve and receive inspiration at your fingertips.

Nearly every day I receive social media posts or emails praising my eBook, “500 Ways.”

The greatest benefit of “500 Ways” is in learning how to find your vulnerable truth instead of thinking about what you should say to a man.

Thinking or calculating the right words to say is Masculine Energy, and facts do not connect you with a man’s heart. Feminine Energy invites a man toward you with every word, whisper, and subtle energy vibration. My eBook comes with two video classes.

I’ve come a long way in my life, from divorced to dumped-and-dating over age 40, to dating with a black eye from my Graves’ eye surgeries. I didn’t let a wounded spirit stop me. I kept my healing eyes on the prize despite the obstacles and called forth a loving relationship with my husband Jeff.

I continue to use the tools I created in New Man Manifesto, because relationships are constantly expanding and contracting. With New Man Manifesto you get the clarity and tools you need to rebuild, or call forth the right man, no matter if you are single or committed. People change all the time! BONUS: Includes the VIP Library with more than 20 items.

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If I’ve helped you become a relationship success, please feel free to reply to this email with your #testimonial. I’d love to share your story!

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