Are You Attracting Negative Energy Men & Situations? Boost Your Positive Feminine Energy Vibe! (New Pod #27)

Dear Diamond Girls,

In podcast #27, I address how women can attract men and situations that are not in alignment with their values, and what you can do to change this! Especially if you have ever wondered, “Is there something wrong with me?” because you continue to attract a certain type of man, or experience the same bickering or negative experiences in your relationship.

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At one time in my life, I really felt like something was wrong with me because I kept attracting albeit devoted men — who were also unemployed.

Meanwhile, a girlfriend of mine seemed to draw forth successful businessmen, yet failed to attract men who dated her longer than a month. Perhaps you have your own niche of attracting men with certain behaviors or characteristics that are not in alignment with your values? 

Meanwhile, my relationships seemed to be riddled with problems despite being in therapy and reading a new self-help book every week. For some reason, unknown to me at the time, I kept attracting unwanted negative energy and situations.

I had to find a way out, and Feminine Energy opened me up to new possibilities and outcomes.

A healthy and loving relationship may occasionally experience setbacks, but overall, it flows smoothly and unfolds easily.

Every man or situation you encounter in life is here to teach you or reflect a “gift” of insight or information that allows you to learn and move on. This, in a nutshell, is what I have named “Moving up the Tiers.”

In podcast episode #27, I share three key points for attracting positive and loving relationships that are certain to call forth the energy and quality you are seeking. You will certainly move up the tiers and call forth the relationship and experiences you desire. Whether you are dating and appealing to men who ghost or abandon you, or in a relationship plagued with problems – your energy can absolutely affect your desired outcome. I show you how!

I discuss Familiarity, Vulnerability and chronic disappointment, or what I refer to as “Queen of the World” syndrome. You can watch the Youtube video about QOTW Syndrome to learn more.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with shifting your Feminine Energy! On my podcast page, you can leave me a voice message or respond to this episode’s question about how you change up your energy and share your positive results with us all.

Sending you lots of positive high-flying love,

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