He Falls in Love With Your Inner Girl – Find Her Now (New Pod #26)

Dear Diamond Girls,

I’m excited to share this week’s podcast which is also available on Youtube. This weeks topic is, “What a Man Truly Wants to Hear: Your Inner Girl.”

You can listen to this week’s episode of This Podcast is for Women on Apple, Spotify (or wherever you get your podcasts) and learn how to access your wise Inner Girl and find the words your man truly wants to hear.

As a coach, it may seem like I simply hand out advice and instinctively know what is best to say or do. The reality is, I am listening to the silence between your words and connecting with how you feel.

Every situation with a man is so unique, but often the answer or best solution is the same.

The first thing I ask all my coaching clients is, “How do you feel?” In reply, I often hear a timeline of events and a breakdown of their man’s psychology. Feminine Energy is about finding how you feel, not discovering what you think or jumping inside the man’s head. It’s also not about manipulating a behavior or outcome.

The truth is, your body has all the answers.

The absolute best results for the highest good transpire when we listen to our wise Inner Girl. This is what connecting with your Feminine Energy is all about: patiently observing and hearing your body talk. This authentic and vulnerable part of you is also captivating and alluring to a man. It’s absolutely what makes a man fall head over heels in love with you.

In podcast episode #26, I guide you through a process to connect with your Inner Girl and find your true feelings and voice.

This episode also has LIVE Q&A where we discuss questions about intimidating men, hygiene and much more!

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