Why You Shouldn’t Share ALL Your Feelings (New Pod #28) Do This Instead…

Dear Diamond Girls,

In podcast #28, I discuss Feminine Energy Feeling Statements and the importance of sharing how you feel, from your body. I teach you how to unzip your heart and get vulnerable so you create a deep connection that captivates, and invites the man towards you. 

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At one time in my life, I would tell men what I thought they wanted to hear. I was fearful of being open, honest and scaring the man away. Other times I would not speak up for myself at all.

In this week’s pod episode I address some common Feminine Energy misconceptions about oversharing and vulnerability when speaking to a man.

You may overshare and overwhelm a man with your feelings when hoping to convince him of something or get him to do something, AND, you may also under-share or silence yourself, also known as “stuffing your feelings down,” when you need to speak up the very most!

It’s this simple, men want an honest and authentic woman who’s in touch with her feelings and isn’t out to manipulate him in any way.

Men crave to hear a woman share what she’s feeling inside her body.

In podcast episode #28, I clear up confusion about oversharing, self-sabotage, giving to get, and speaking up when you need love and support. I explain why sharing ALL your feelings can repel a man, and how to instead pull him closer.

Your approval and pleasure is a man’s feel-good fuel. Yet this must be authentic and not seek an outcome to control the man. It requires you to look for the good things a man says and does.

I discuss Finding What You’re Feeling, Speaking with Warmth and Setting Boundaries, while using my  “Emotional Parfait Method” . You can watch the Youtube video Know Exactly What To Say To A Man and Understanding Masculine Energy to learn more.

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