🍔Try This Food “Trick” with Men + Rebuilding, not being a Surrogate

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Ep#54: Are You Rebuilding or Being a Surrogate?

It’s easy to confuse staying in touch, being kind and polite with Rebuilding with a man.

When you’re frequently answering a man’s texts, going out, being intimate and having long chats without a committed relationship – you might believe you’re Rebuilding when you’re simply being his comforting friend or Surrogate.

Don’t accidentally be led on and become his Emotional Surrogate. Know the difference, and know what to say and do to wake his heart up! Episode #54 tells you more!

Listen to Ep#54 on Rebuilding With a Man instead of being Led On

In Ep#54, I talk about the ABCs to Get Him Back Course.

I go DEEP into the exact steps, phrases and boundaries You Need to Rebuild and become healthy and strong once again.

SPRING SALE – You Can Save up to 70%!

Try this Food “Trick” with Men – NEW LIVE VIDEO

We are animals after all, and food is very important. So is napping, and getting from point A to point B.

Watch this video to learn how to activate your man with subtle Feminine Energy ways. Try them today!



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