2 Fears You Must Face to Rebuild Your Relationship

Ep#55 gets specific on two fears that hold women back! It’s about Boundaries 😉

Dear Diamond Girl,

I’ve helped so many women reconnect to the man they love using the methods I created in the ABCs program.

Even if you don’t want an ex back, you learn how to rebuild with yourself and your partner. No matter your situation – married, dating or wanting your ex back – I’ve got a method that works.

The ABCs is about:

  • Accepting how and why the relationship ended
  • Accepting the man’s “no” and taking a realistic look at him
  • Experiencing your emotions: fear, anger, grief, sadness, loneliness
  • Rebuilding YOU – the woman he fell in love with 2.0
  • Learning Feminine Energy Tools – Quantum Dating, Hail Mary, Slow Burn & More
  • Calling the Man back – reconnecting and rebuilding
  • Deciding if you want him back, or someone new


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