How to Lean Back & Receive From a Man

My FEMM Courses are for women looking for commitment or those in long-terms relationships.

The best way to inspire a man to move towards you is by creating space. This is what I refer to as “leaning back.”   

When you Lean Back in your Feminine Energy, the man has space to pursue you or Lean Forward.

How does a man know to Lean Forward?

A man gets activated in his Masculine Energy when the woman stops doing his work of pursuit and allows him time & space to respond and fix whatever is going on.  

Think of the sperm and the egg. The sperm pursues the egg, not the other way around.

The egg creates a warm welcoming place to receive from the man. The egg lives her life in her secure space trusting she’ll be pursued, or onto the next.

The Feminine Energy woman doesn’t just “sit and wait” but instead she displays warmth, openness, and trust that the right man will pursue her. She doesn’t do his work for him to make magic happen.

This may be a new concept for many of you, that you need to give to receive love from a man.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the following:

  • You feel a shift in the vibe between you and your man. Your instinct is to Lean Forward, call and text him more, or give love to get love.
  • Your man may have been very consistent in the beginning, but now you find you’re initiating and making the effort to connect with him.  
  • He doesn’t call or text as often, and you’re not sure where you two stand. 
  • He’s on his phone or busy with work instead of quality time with lovely amazing you. 
  • You feel scared or on shaky ground, instead of secure in the relationship.

Communication with a man becomes intuitive and amazingly simple when you STOP thinking with your “Boy Brain” and shift into Feminine Energy.

Some things you can do now:

  • Have the Clarity chat, by asking him, “Is there something I should know?”(See my eBook “500 Ways,” for more on this.) 
  • Speak your boundaries about dating and maintaining a relationship. (FEMM for Dating helps with this!) “In a committed relationship, I want to see my partner x-days a week, and travel together during the holidays.”
  • Communicate the Terms & Agreements – how often you date, are you committed, exclusive, etc.  (See Femm for Dating!)
  • Let him know, “I miss you, and I miss connecting. I’m curious if there’s anything we can do to reconnect?” 
  • Peel your energy off him! When you stop working so hard to make things happen with your man, you will feel calm & confident in where you stand, and he will notice your energy is no longer micromanaging or controlling him in any way with expectations or demands. (See FEMM DIAMOND for more!)
  • Let go of urgency to solve or fix the relationship. Practice your Feminine Energy tools and allow the man space to miss you and fix whatever is going wrong. Men are perceptive, they feel the relationship is off balance as well. 

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