Getting His Commitment When You Aren’t On the Same Page (New Pod #29)

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There’s often an obstacle standing in the way of true love, where you have given an issue issue time and conversation, yet you and your partner remain at odds. (Episode #29 is on Apple or Spotify.)

Getting a man to commit, move closer and stop dating long distance, marry you and start a family can sometimes involve you stepping away from the relationship.

Yet considering walking away from a man you love can bring tremendous anxiety and self-doubt. If your partner is shutting down, angry, refusing to negotiate and giving you breadcrumbs, walking away is key. But how?

Please listen to the latest episode of This Podcast is For Women, #29, on Apple or Spotify.

Walking away can feel scary! In my experience and with clients, despite the fear involved, walking away works!

A man truly shows you what he’s capable of when you turn away. In this week’s podcast episode, I share a comment I received on my YouTube channel about a man changing his desire to have children.

I also apply a Walking Away & Quantum Dating technique to men who won’t commit, get married or become exclusive.

I use a formula for walking away and also Quantum Dating, where no matter if it’s children, commitment, or differing needs, you are able to walk away confidently and get the clarity and opportunity your relationship needs. Learn the full cycle in this podcast.

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