Why Boundaries Work With Men + PODCAST + New Videos

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Healthy Boundaries & New Feminine Energy Videos

Let’s do a quick recap on your Feminine Energy Super-Powers and WHY/HOW they work.

Feminine Energy is a quality both men and women are born with, develop, and use in their life.

FE is a receiving energy. FE is playful, easy going and curious.

FE gets clarity, is warm and can speak her boundaries — because she knows what she’s feeling.

When we think of women we love dearly in our lives, we may see them as a nurturer, cooking meals and sacrificing their time and life to DO for us.

Yet think back to wonderful women in your life and loving moments in time, how did these women simply create SPACE for you?

Did they look you in the eyes and listen?

Did you feel loved and supported, even though they may have offered no advice or action to help?

How did you feel in their presence?

Did they force an outcome onto you?  Or did they offer you an invitation for insight & love?

That soft feminine energy invitation feels more appealing than force or manipulation, right?

In essence, we want to be an invitation to the man, and in truth, you can be a love filled invitation to anyone!

FE is alluring and captivating to men, and comforting energy to our female friends and family.

FE is not ‘self-sacrificing’ or giving of your time and heart so that you will get love in return.

Feminine Energy can be about embracing fears – asking for clarity and speaking boundaries, even when that means facing fearful thoughts such as, “He will leave me if I ask/say this to him…”

We’ve all heard or seen the doting mom who sacrifices it all for her children & husband, yet her hard work does not equal those children and man loving her with the same enthusiasm.

Giving-to-get does not equal love. Giving to get is a fear based manipulation.

Sitting with a “wait and see” attitude wastes your time and grows resentment.

You want to speak your boundaries with courage and love for yourself and your life. Clarifying conversations creates an opportunity to see the things you’d otherwise avoid with silence.

The more you stand firm in your boundaries, the more respect and admiration a man develops for you. His heart opens to you because you are vulnerable and honest, with no manipulation.

You learn how to express WARMTH, BOUNDARIES and offer TIME & SPACE instead of doing the man’s work for him.

A man will step up and ‘be the man in the relationship’ when you are an invitation to his heart, instead of a demand.

Watch my NEW Videos on Time Wasters & Narcissists and How to Stay Feminine When Stressed.




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