❤️ Overcome Self-Love Blocks

3 Ways to Heal Your Heart & Create a Healthy Relationship

Dear Diamond Girl,

❤️ Today, I’m wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day full of love! ❤️

Even if today isn’t going as you’d hoped, you can celebrate with self-love, and recognize that every day is an opportunity to create more love in this world.

I’m sharing 3 Self-Love Blocks that I’ve faced and overcome to inspire your own journey.

I hope that my experiences in learning to love and heal my inner girl will inspire a greater connection with yourself and attract and grow the relationship you desire.

3 Self-Love Blocks That Keep Love Away

  1. You’re unable to admit you feel broken or are in pain.

I still consider myself a tough girl and resilient, but before I discovered and worked on empowering my feminine energy, I was an iron wall on the outside and crumbling in tears on the inside. I never admitted I was in pain and hid my true self behind shame.

2. I rarely allowed myself to breakdown.

I was brought up to never cry or express my emotions. I didn’t allow myself to be vulnerable because I thought showing your feelings was shameful and meant you were weak. Who’d love or like me if I was weak? My inner boy was anything but weak!

When I learned to allow myself to cry, it was the most healing expression of self-love I’d ever felt. When I spoke clearly what I felt in my body, I felt connected and supported in a powerful new way. My inner boy cringed, but my inner girl blossomed.

3. I had expectations that people were supposed to respond to me when I was vulnerable.

When I admitted I felt pain to a man or anyone, they often didn’t respond. I could feel the other person watching me, and judged them for staying still.

I soon learned reactions or attention isn’t the point. Sometimes a person best supports you by creating space for you to feel. My healing is up to me, not anyone else.

Self-love is ultimately about healing and caring for myself foremost. I can be my own best therapist, friend and healer. I can self-regulate and support both my masculine and feminine energies.

I can also ask for and get support when I need it.

But none of that happens if I’m not honest with myself and others about how I feel. I can’t heal if I don’t allow myself to feel, cry and communicate. And if I’m caught up in judging others, how can I create a safe space for my inner girl?

Can you have an honest, judgement free talk with yourself about how you feel?

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