When You Still Love Him

Abandonment & Heartbreak: How can you ever heal?

Dear Diamond Girl,

Today, I released a video on how you can cope with heartbreak and loss while practicing your alluring Feminine Energy.

Please click below to watch, and feel free to COMMENT. I offer Q&A for the first few weeks of the video. Ask your question!

Heartbreak does not discriminate. Everyone has experienced it at some point in their life. From very famous and talented people to everyday folks. No one is excluded.

The thing I have found most odd about my heartbreak work is that if YOU are going through it, so few people seem to care or relate, even though they have felt it too. It’s like EMPATHY goes out the window. What a mystery?!

Be careful of sharing too much with others if your heart is still healing. People may nonchalantly offer advice that can really wreck you emotionally. I created the ABCs program to help support you during this painful time.

It’s important to understand how grief moves through you and that numbing yourself will only prolong the pain.

I created the ABCs to ease you through heartbreak and get your man back (if you choose to)!

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So often, we have lost a part of ourselves in the relationship, so that when it ends, we are left in pieces.

Worry not, this is temporary. Yet it’s vital you regain your spirit and identity apart from the man and make sure you never lose your footing again. (ABCs shows you how!)

If you wish to rebuild with your man, time apart is necessary. You must endure this time apart from him and rebuild YOU. He MUST miss you!

Understand the relationship ended because the way it was, was not working. Say ‘good riddance!’ Yet also be aware if you wish to rebuild.

This rebuilding BEGINS WITH YOU.

You may not have the tools to rebuild, quantum date, or a plan in place to reconnect with your man. Worry not, the ABCs has this and more. (See the ‘Get Him Back Roadmap’ included in the program.)

Learn how to rebuild and grow stronger with the ABCs.

The ABCs works on four levels: rebuilding you, inviting him back, and rebuilding the relationship, or beginning anew.

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Get the Absolute Best Chances – it works!

Check out my Answer Cards too, it’s self-coaching in a box.

Sometimes I think back to the heartbreak & pain I have endured, and it is unbelievable that I actually made it through. I did not have a good support system in place, and emotions were something I stuffed down.

I learned how to heal the hard way.

You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. I created the ABCs program to be a friend to you during this time. You’ll learn how to rebuild and renew. From healing to quantum dating and my famous Hail Mary Pass, you’ll learn all the secrets.

Sending you love and hugs,

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