10 Secret Phrases to Melt a Man’s Heart [VIDEO]

Words, Actions & Vibe = Feminine Energy Empowerment

Dear Diamond Girl,

I have something FUN to share with you! 10 Phrases that connect you and your man closer.

This is a NEW video with my BFF, Helena Hart, that shares “10 Phrases That Make a Man Chase & Crave You.” You’ve got to watch this! I know the title is a little Youtube-cheesy, but these phrases are USEABLE and UPGRADE your Feminine Energy Scripting NOW. See it here: 10 Phrases – YouTube

I talk about my best-selling program, the ABCs to get Him Back and also “500 Ways.”

ABC’s gives you the Absolute Best Chances to Get Him Back, be that a man who is pulling away or a breakup. I have loads of testimonials on my Instagram stories if you wish to see for yourself! AE Testimonial Insta Story.

“500 Ways” and the 2-Day Video Classes teach you TWO METHODS to connecting with your Powerful Man Magnet Energy (aka your Feminine Energy) and those are: WORDS & ACTIONS.

Words and body language/poses (actions) all contribute to your overall VIBE.



 10 Phrases to Get Him to Chase & Pursue You

In short, don’t discount your vibe, words and actions (or non-actions). Your feminine energy shines through to a man, and this “energy” is how you speak to his heart in a way he can hear and respond to.  It’s what makes a man connect to you and want to choose you as his one and only. This is why my Feminine Energy tools are PROVEN to work.

You are no longer hiding who you are – and this authenticity is what the man truly craves. I can’t wait to teach you so much more!

Have you ever had someone ask, “Are you doing ok?”, and you reply with false enthusiasm, “YES! I am fine!”  Yet your friend senses something is amiss, and in truth you’ve been on the verge of tears all day?

Your vibe is felt! The difference between MEN & WOMEN is a woman will ask you what is going on inside yourself.

She may or may not take your ‘False-Yes’ as an answer.

A MAN will ask you, “Are you ok?”

You’ll deliver a well-meaning fib and say, “Yes, honey, just fine.”

Here’s the thing: A man will know something is amiss, but he won’t say anything more on the subject. He’ll simply feel an uncertainty that puts up a barrier between you and him. Feminine Energy is what lowers this wall that you’ve felt so often with men.

Your Feminine Energy shines though words, energy or actions you display. 

I can’t wait for you to read ‘500 Ways,’ and get the ABC’s program, or GO ALL IN for the Complete Collection which is half priced.

You’ll look, feel, and have the energy of a new woman when you learn how to speak from your body.

You’ll become an invitation to the man.

Not only that, but you’ll activate his desire for connection, warmth, to love you dearly and respect and admire your boundaries. This is how you get inside a man’s heart!


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