When the Heart is Wounded (New Podcast Episode)

What does it mean to stay strong?

Dear Diamond Girls,

Has anyone ever politely suggested that you “stay strong” through a difficult time? Is that possible? Are we really supposed to feel good and be strong all the time?

In this episode, I answer a listener’s question about remaining strong when wounded feminine & masculine energy draw us into shame and apathy. I speak about growth and the purpose of overcoming difficulties.

I share with you your feminine energy superpowers: knowing your feelings, boundaries, clarity, and your overall feminine energy vibe. Staying strong has everything to do with balancing these strengths.

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I also share the importance of rebuilding yourself when facing a challenge. Overcoming pain in life or a relationship is how we grow and transform. 👉🏼Learn about my ABCs Program here.

I’m also raising money for my dear friend Anna, who has fled from Ukraine with her daughters.

She is starting a new life for herself and her family from nothing.

I cannot imagine having to flee my country and home on foot and be in a foreign land where I have to rebuild my entire life.

Here is her Go Fund Me link to learn more about her life. https://gofund.me/d5d4d59d

Also, please check this out: myself and my good friend Dave were in the news talking about Anna.

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I appreciate your support!

Sending you love and “stay growing” (listen to my pod episode to understand this one!)

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