Why Women Need to Celebrate One Another

International Women’s Day & My Dear Friend Anna in Ukraine

Dear Diamond Girls,

What a coincidence that on International Women’s Day, I am writing you to both celebrate women, and ask you to help save a woman I know.

My dear friend, Anna, and her daughters are currently traveling 250 miles by foot through Ukrainian corridors and sleeping in the forest at night, hoping to reach a refugee camp at a neighboring border.

They are literally running for their lives. You can help these powerful women survive!

If you’re interested in learning how I met Anna and helping her in any way, please click on the GoFundMe page I created. https://gofund.me/d5d4d59d

The funds I raise will help Anna buy food or necessities such as laundry, feminine supplies and medication. They could only carry two small bags on their long journey.

#UkrainiansWillResist Learn More About Anna

It’s so important for women to celebrate, protect and defend other women.

Uniting with your sisters is the fastest way feminine energy can grow and securely ground you in life.

Insecurity is what keeps women apart, and we lose our power in the process, and often do so for a man’s love.

Instead of competing with another woman, or being jealous, you want to rise above the drama.

A man gains everything by having women compete for him. It’s important to change your mindset about competing with other women.

When you align your desires with feminine energy values, you create a signal around you that lets men know to pursue you.

A man who sees that you don’t compete, or pursue, will honor and respect these values, and you’ll stand out from other women naturally.

If you feel confused about how to balance leaning back, being soft or warm with a man, watch my NEW video on this topic. I have many Q&As at the end too!

Thank you so much for letting me speak about my friend Anna! I do hope you’ll learn more about her journey out from Ukraine and help a small bit if you can.

Happy International Women’s Day, and sending you much love today and always!

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