Feminine Energy to Get a Man to Chase You (New Podcast Episode)

Have a Man Pursue, Chase & Desire You!

Dear Diamond Girls,

Have you ever wanted a man to chase you so much that you became overly invested, leaning forward far too much and giving in to your Masculine Energy? The authentic and natural way to get him to pursue you is to use Feminine Energy.

While the dynamics are different, this concept can apply to both single and married women.

Single women may ask themselves, “Should I ask him out?” or “Does he even like me?”

A married woman may seek to re-attract her man, to bring back freshness and desire as if the relationship was brand new.

Here are 3 things I cover in ‘Get A Man To Chase You With Feminine Energy’:

  1. Attractiveness: choose clothes, hairstyle, colors and textures you feel sexy in!
  2. Get clarity and be willing to ask uncomfortable questions! I give you the exact scripts and words you’ll want to say to him.
  3. Your feminine, energetic vibe is everything! I show you how to peel your energy off the man, build positivity and focus on the good in your relationship.

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There’s a reason my e-book “500 Ways To Talk To a Man” and the accompanying two-day video class are the bestsellers on my website.

I teach you words that communicate your heart to a man, so he really hears you, and can feel your love, instead of using words that push him away.

Your words can actually bring a man closer to you. Feminine Energy is about speaking from your body in a way that men understand.

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Sending you love,

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