What Makes a Man Choose You? (New Podcast Episode)

Understanding a man’s “gut feelings.”

You don’t need to compete with other women to win his heart.

Dear Diamond Girls,

What makes a man choose you? What makes any man choose any specific woman?

Has a relationship in your past ended, only to see your ex settle down with a woman that has a small amount of the beauty, smarts and success, that you have? Why did that man choose her over you?

Understand that you have done nothing wrong. This isn’t about competing with other women, or changing yourself to suit a man’s needs. 

Having a man choose you has everything to do with what he’s feeling in his body on a gut level.

Your authentic feminine energy, being connected to your body, having & expressing boundaries, not pushing an agenda, and allowing the man to “be a man” are essential parts of this gut level instinct men have.

In this podcast, I discuss what a man’s gut feelings have to do with pursuing and committing to only you.

And he’s not the only one with gut feelings. I share how women in their masculine energy often override body senses to appease their inner boy who is focused on outcome. Nothing pushes a man away faster than him sensing you’ve got an expectation bearing down upon him.

Your Inner Boy can also thwart you from being open to meeting new types of men. I share some personal stories about what connection to a man feels like for me, and how Inner Boy may want specific attributes in a man that do not guarantee a loving, long-lasting connection with a man.

This is so often why women feel stuck in dating, and hooked on one unobtainable man.

I also discuss wearing the yoke, which is part of my ABCs to Get Him Back program. I share how this one tool will make the greatest change in your relationship by building trust, empathy and connection with one another.



Adrienne Everheart

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