The Biggest Mistakes Women are Making with Men

Dear Diamond Girls,

This blog post is not here to blame you in any way. If your relationship has ended or is struggling, know that you are not alone. You are likely doing a few things many Powerful Dynamite Women do, as responding from our Masculine Energy source has become how we solve problems.

Living in masculine energy has become a natural way of being for many of us.

Feminine energy is about exploring your true self in a way the masculine world discourages. Masculine energy is assertive, but it often uses anger or force to create desired change. We have been taught to go out and get what we want at any cost.

Feminine Energy teaches you a new way of speaking and being that brings love & abundance into your life, without force.

I’m going to share three key points explaining how women create obstacles in a relationship that either block the natural flow and polarity of masculine and feminine energy, or create unease in the essence of honest partnership.

Episode #21: When things don’t go as planned.
  1. Women undervalue the importance of personal alone time. We all know we need it, but we just don’t do it. Your personal time is when the world slows down, you put your phone away, and you get a MINIMUM of 5 minutes to yourself with no distractions of any kind. This means your busy mind also takes a break. This is a time to gently dismiss thoughts, and simply breathe and feel the sensations of your magnificent body. There is no thinking and solving. When was the last time you simply closed your eyes and breathed, while thoughts gently passed by like clouds in the sky. Practice centering yourself solely on the feelings and sensations inside your body.
  2. Women need to be more curious in their relationships & with themselves. So what if you get an urge to call him, eat chocolate or pour a glass of wine? I want you to be curious who you will be at bedtime tonight if you do not take action? So often women automatically assume the outcome, or jump to a conclusion about a man, or their own feelings. How often have you said, “I know how I feel!” I’m not here to gaslight you, but I want you to be curious about these confident feelings. Especially so, when you react and cause you or the relationship harm. We do this when we draw conclusions based on biases, judgements or are passively intending to control another person or event. Can you take a closer look at your last communication breakdown or relationship problem and observe your reactions or recall your thinking? Masculine energy zaps us of curiosity because it is all knowing and definitive. Feminine energy is fully capable of thinking but is also curious, responds slowly, and tends to observe rather than judge.
  3. Women can easily self-sabotage when things do not go as they hoped or planned. Every day I speak with women who have expectations on their partners that are realistic, yet improbable. The possibility of your partner always responding the way that you need him is highly improbable. Yet for some reason women feel wounded when a man does not respond the way we hoped. Our inner girl is weak in asserting herself as a powerful dynamite woman in that she feels dependent upon another person’s approval or support for stability. In her world, love means supporting her perfectly, and no man or person can do this. It’s not that our spouses are intentionally trying to hurt us, it’s that they are human. Women can often get irritated when a partner doesn’t do as they hoped, they then get snippy and feelings get hurt. This is self-sabotage. Men are just as sensitive as women if not more so. We must all accept the humanness of the people we love, good and bad. Feeling grounded and confident starts by understanding no human can hold our emotions as dearly as we can. We must cradle our own hearts with the love and care we desire from others.

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