Find What You Feel & Pull Him Closer (New Pod #18)

Dear Diamond Girls,

I’ve got some questions for you:

Do you know what you’re really feeling, even in this moment? Do you “think” you know what you feel, or do you have a sensation inside your body?

When you’re with a man, do you feel your way through, or do you react or take action?

Do you find yourself speaking to simply fill up space?

When you do know what you feel, can you express it?

Episode #18 of, This Podcast is for Women helps you find the power of your feelings.

The key to truly connecting to another person begins with authentically wonderful YOU. In this podcast, I break down finding your Feminine Energy Felt Sense and how your body *really knows* what you’re feeling, and how to solve problems, and use your intuition.

You may be experiencing conflict, heartbreak or confusion in your relationship with a man, and while these feelings can be overwhelming, their solutions are less about responding, and more about FEELING.

I show you how to practice finding what you feel, questions to ask yourself along the way, and how to speak your felt sense. I also briefly discuss Masculine and Feminine Energy polarity, and why your feeling INNER GIRL is what a man craves to be near.

Listen on APPLE PODCAST, Spotify, or wherever you find your podcasts. 🙂

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Sending you much love today and always,

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