Practicing Habit Change With Men – Feminine Energy Awareness (New Podcast Episode)

Changing Habits to Nurture and Fine-Tune Your Feminine Energy

Dear Diamond Girls,

In this episode, I’m focusing on practicing feminine energy habit changes in your relationship with men and, well, everyone.

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Habit change is one of the most important topics you can focus on when you want to positively change your relationship with a man.

A habit you wish to change can be referred to as a “bad habit,” but I share how automatic behaviors, be that a mindset, words, or actions, are really not “bad” but simply an opportunity to grow and fine tune your feminine energy.

I’m going to also share scripts from “500 Ways to Talk to a Man,” the 80/20 Rule and defining points of relationship change. Get your copy of “500 Ways” here and learn more about my feminine energy scripting.

Feel Calm and Feminine

Feminine Energy is about awareness and clarity. You improve and know yourself better when you understand what triggers your Inner Boy to step into action with a man.

I close the episode with advice you most likely already know (see below), but offer a new way to do it.

How to Raise Your Feminine Energy

Your intention is: “A grateful heart is a thankful heart.”

Elevate your positive and kindhearted feminine vibe when you give yourself a few moments to:

1. Place your hands on your heart.

2. Take 2 slow, deep breaths. The biggest breaths you’ve taken all day.

3. Speak three things you are grateful for and WHY.

4. The “why” is very important! Speak why it’s important to you.

5. Give yourself a big hug and say to yourself, “I love you.”

Sending you much love today and always,

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