10 Feel Good & Attractive Feminine Tools You Want Now! (New Podcast Episode)

Learn how you can become more feminine.

Dear Diamond Girls,

If you’ve ever wondered how to feel confident and feminine in your body, the answer is by practicing feminine energy tools.

Reacquainting your mind and body with your “Inner Girl,” can feel like walking into a strange new world.

My feminine energy tools are here to connect you with your body and true feminine essence.

In this two-part podcast series, I share some of my Feminine Energy tools used in my online courses and private coaching. (See also FEMM Tools for Dating, Relationships, or FEMM Diamond.)

By the way, FEMM stands for: feminine energy mindset method!

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I suggest you pick one tool per day to practice and build from there.

As you listen and learn these tools, try to apply their message and meaning to your current situation.

If you need more support, my online courses will get you reacquainted with your feminine energy body and improve your relationships by leaps and bounds.

New Man Manifesto is a great program to begin your journey, whether you are single, in limbo, or in an unsteady relationship. I teach you all my feminine energy tools and how to manifest your desired relationship, HOMEWORK INCLUDED 🙂

The secret to Feminine Energy is confidence.

You gain confidence and strength by practicing my FEMM Tools.

In this episode of, This Podcast is for Women, you’ll get access to tools that align your natural feminine energy with your desires, and cultivate a deeper connection and a greater sense of confidence as a woman.

In part one, you’ll learn:

  • Tap your heart send him love – if you miss someone, this is a way to connect directly with a person’s heart and feel better too!
  • Nightly ritual – used in New Man Manifesto, this ritual aligns you with your desires and calls them into creation. Think: His unproductive behaviors can improve like magic.
  • Snapshot tool – create a snapshot of the future moment in time you want to see. You’ll get amazing results!
  • RRGH tool – my ever popular Really, Really Get Him Tool, where you connect instantly with a man’s heart through his own words.
  • Gratitude’s with a Why – Go beyond listing off what you’re thankful for, and learn a heart building technique that cultivates an essence of love that no one can resist.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode (4/14/22), where I share 5 more Feel Good & Attractive Feminine Energy Tools.


Adrienne Everheart

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