Access Your Inner Girl’s Wisdom (New Pod #25)

Dear Diamond Girls,

Are arguments and bickering keeping you from having a loving, fulfilling relationship? Listen to this week’s episode of This Podcast is for Women on Apple, Spotify (or wherever you get your podcasts) and learn how to problem solve and receive guidance from your wise Inner Girl.

Solving problems and managing emotional issues aren’t tools we are taught as children or adults. Is it any surprise that loving and satisfying relationships fail because in the end, we cannot figure out how to get along?

Inside every woman is a wise and all-knowing energy available for her at all times. The Feminine Energy tools I teach are about accessing your Inner Girl and letting her help you solve problems by finding what she feels.

Do you know how to find answers and solutions from your body or Inner Wise Woman?

In this podcast episode I teach you how to solve problems by discovering and listening to your inner Feminine Energy wisdom.

You can meet your needs and really, really get your partner too, so you both feel validated.

You also get to learn more about the Drama Triangle to avoid victimization and gain peaceful balance in your relationship and life.

Follow these steps for a loving & peaceful relationship with everyone, especially YOU!

This video shares three things that men need to fall in love.

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