How to Get Your Man to Really Listen

Get All His Love By Putting Psychology & Lectures Aside

Dear Diamond Girls,

Do you want your man to really hear you, get closer, and become more devoted to you? It’s a wonderful feeling to have a man working hard to please you and be your #1.

But how do we do this without being manipulative or controlling?

Women appreciate being adored and given attention and affection by a masculine energy man.

Likewise, men appreciate the opportunity to serve, to have their woman proud of them and be wet for them, and be impressed by what they can do and how well they can do it!

Your approval and pleasure is a man’s feel-good fuel.

It must be authentic and without motive.

It requires you to look for the good in the things he says and does.

Yet men, of course, do not always do what we want or prefer them to do.

A man can hold a grudge if reprimanded, scolded or left feeling small. They want to be the one in charge and not making mistakes that get them ‘in trouble’ with you.

Women cringe when a man is pathetic, insolent, disrespectful and disobedient. We prefer well-behaved men with a masculine edge.

When men ‘disappoint’ us and the facade of perfection gets shattered, our Inner Boy is called into action!

A woman’s masculine side or Inner Boy has a superior intellect of words, psychology, and problem-solving capabilities.

When your man senses your Inner Boy is active, he’ll accept the challenge and stick around for a certain amount of time. Yet at some point, he will understand he cannot win against you, duck out and run, or shut down for an unknown amount of time.

In the worst case scenario, he gets activated into his feminine energy. We have all known or experienced feminine energy men and how exhausting this type of relationship can be.

All the while, as he licks his wounds, he is angry at himself for not being able to ‘win’ and smites the person who dominated him. A woman may think she has ‘won’ the argument but in fact you lose your sensitive man in the process.

Feminine Energy is not about giving up your power or smarts.

Use your Feminine Energy positively and in a way that builds you, your man and the relationship UP.

Observe when you feel or sense Inner Boy coming out or getting activated.

What action is he wanting to get your man to do or not do? Is he being a bit of a control-freak or is he protecting your Inner Girl from some sense of injustice or harm?

Once you notice when your Inner Boy comes out, take a good look at the circumstance versus what you are thinking and feeling.

Let’s say your man did not call to say he was home safe, and you worried. Now that you know he’s okay, you feel mad at him for not calling.

Can you figure out which parts are Inner Girl (feeling) versus Inner Boy (controlling)?

Next you want to find how you feel, not shame or blame.

Keep it short and sweet. Always start with warmth when possible: “Felt so good to cuddle up in your arms last night. I felt worried when I did not get the ‘home safe call.'”

THEN STOP. Let him fill in the empty space where your words end.

He may be expecting a lecture or anger and initially not respond with much of anything.

It can take a while to ‘turn the ship around’ when a woman has been challenging a man with her masculine energy for some time. Yet with some practice you will see great change.

Remember you are not practicing Feminine Energy techniques to change him, but to get more in touch with your Inner Girl and expressing how you feel as a Feminine Energy Woman, not a masculine energy presence.

In some cases no amount of FE will affect a man. Even in these most desolate times, a woman will get the insight and information she needs to do what feels right for her be that stay or leave the relationship.

Remember: A man’s curiosity about you is key to attraction.

Keep your own rich, full and juicy life going strong.

GRACE, LOVE and WARMTH are always near if you choose them.

You get to decide who you are, to decide what thoughts to focus on and what behaviors to reinforce. You are an ever-changing, dynamic powerful being!

Sending you much love today & always,

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