How to Fix an Unhealthy Relationship — His Problems are NOT Your Problems (New Podcast Episode)

Commitment Issues, Excuses & Drama

Bring the Focus Back To You & Your Rich, Juicy Life!

Dear Diamond Girls,

Perhaps the biggest mistake I see women consistently making is putting too much focus on HIS life and not spending enough time nurturing their own lives, desires and boundaries.

Has your life stopped because of his issues? Are your dreams on hold? Does your life detour because of his decisions, problems and fears? Are you lacking confidence to speak up about it and set a boundary?

When his problems become your problems, you lose autonomy. You get trapped in boy energy, not feminine energy, where YOU are your most important decision.


I want to teach you how to break this cycle and realize your potential, while maintaining a healthy relationship with your man!

The Drama Triangle and 3 Big Questions

In this episode of This Podcast is for Women, I talk about the Drama Triangle: Persecutor, Rescuer, Victim.

Think back to that last argument and see how you played one or several of these roles. Ask yourself, how you and your partner played roles in the drama triangle.

I teach you how to get out of this unproductive loop and make real progress.

This week’s podcast contains live attendees, with Q&A included. Women just like you share how a man’s excuses or problems keep commitment, goals and relationships from developing. Learn what you can do about it — so that your life stays on track. 

I also offer you 3 Questions in order to gain clarity on what you really want and how to keep his problems from negatively affecting your life and progress as a powerful, dynamite Diamond Girl.

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