Is Inner Boy Responsible for Your Anxious Attachment?

Heal from Anxious Attachment + Inner Boy Ritual

Dear Diamond Girls,

Is anxious attachment plaguing your relationships? Is your “Inner Boy” to blame?

In this episode, I get you to reexamine what it means to label yourself as an “anxious attachment” style, and I also share my Inner Boy Ritual to calm your anxious, clingy, or insecure boy — who might be more involved in your anxieties than previously imagined.

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For any wide variety of reasons, we can develop an insecure attachment style based on our pasts, whether it be abuse, abandonment, control or separation.

In this episode, I teach you not only WHY you possess anxious attachment characteristics, but HOW to heal your energies that dwell on anxious thoughts and outcomes in your relationship and life.

I discuss how CONTROL is behind anger and anxieties, especially when a man isn’t doing what we’d hoped or wanted him to do.

After all, expectation is the mother of all disappointment.

In addition, I will touch upon how you can break the cycle of feeling a man is vital for your survival; & how your brain is hardwired to protect you, but often gets confused about what the healthiest options are.

Wrapping up this episode, I walk you through an exercise that puts your Inner Boy in front of you. The two of you get to have a conversation about the men in your life.

You will learn to take back control, in turn shedding your anger and ultimately taking the anxiety out of your relationship.

My Inner Boy Ritual will help balance your masculine and feminine energies in relation to Anxious Attachment, and create a more harmonious relationship with your man, everyone and especially YOU.

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