3 Ways You Can Walk Away From a Man, Without Really Leaving (New Pod #17)

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Leaning back, silence and allowing a man to miss you are all parts of “walking away.” This important Feminine Energy practice is often skipped over because a woman thinks “walking away” is about the end of your relationship or giving an ultimatum, and not simply looking out for your own well-being and affirming your boundaries.

Episode #17 of, This Podcast is for Women shares more on Walking Away

Walking away can be subtly used for many situations where the relationship needs space to grow and change, but it’s most often practiced due to disparities over commitment. When your desire to be a wife, have commitment, or begin healthy relationship talks is ignored or shut down – it’s time to walk away! I show you how.

In episode #17, learn how you can use silence as a way for both you and your partner to get some feeling and thinking space, and peel your energy off the man so he doesn’t feel controlled — or how you can pack up and walk away for good if needed.

In this podcast, I share how Walking Away works and steps you can use today to ease the tension in your relationship, allow a man to miss you and get the commitment you desire. 

I also share my personal story, of how I walked away from my now husband Jeff, when he was not interested in marriage.

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