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Drop this One Phrase to Awaken Your Feminine Energy

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Relationships depend on communication, right? I love helping women find the right words to express their true heart, so the man really hears and understands you.

I’m ultimately a Relationship Linguist specializing in Masculine & Feminine Energy. I’ve spent nearly a decade teaching women phrases and words that speak directly to a man’s heart.

My best-selling eBook “500 Ways to Talk to a Man” has helped countless women learn how to speak directly to a man’s heart, so he’s inspired to pursue and claim lovely you.

Every day, we mindlessly misuse words in our relationships.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why did I just say that?” or think, Looking back, that was not the kind thing to say, or, I didn’t speak my TRUTH.

In Podcast Episode #52: Drop This One Phrase To Unblock Your Feminine Energy, I share a phrase women tell me ALL THE TIME…

  • Women speak this phrase to men when they don’t mean it!
  • It’s an automatic response that isn’t always YOUR TRUTH!
  • It allows a man to walk over you like a DOOR MAT!
  • Men rely on a woman “being nice” or polite, instead of having BOUNDARIES.

Don’t miss this episode!


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